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Product Reviews

GameDev.net is pleased to provide our own reviews of products specifically geared toward game developers. The purpose of these reviews is to give you a glance into game development products available in the marketplace. All reviews come from the perspective of users like you! Just follow the links below.

Our review board is open to reviews of products of all types. If you develop a product or would like to recommend a product for review here, please see the review guidelines below.

Book Reviews (5 listings)
Featured reviews of important books for game developers. A wider selection of reviews - including peer reviews - can be found in our Books section.
Computing (1 listing)
Magazines covering computer-related topics in general.
Game Design (2 listings)
The art and science of game design.
Subcategories: Outside the Box
Game Development (1 listing)
Graphics and Animation (5 listings)
Hardware (13 listings)
Reviews of hardware that is of particular use in the game development process
Image Gallery (3 listings)

Subcategories: Game Engines, Model Design
Media Libraries (4 listings)
Art and sound effect collections for games.
Programming (2 listings)
Covering all topics related to the technical aspects of game development.
Subcategories: Game Programming, Web Development
Software (104 listings)
In-depth looks at software products targeted at game developers.
Visual Arts (4 listings)
Everything from traditional art theory to techniques for the latest modelling, animation, and other tools used in the creation of game art
Subcategories: 3ds max, Maya

Submitting Products for Review

If you have a product or service relevant to game developers that you'd like to see reviewed, we'd love to hear from you. GameDev.net is the leading online resource for game developers, with an audience of hundreds of thousands from all over the world, so having your product reviewed on GameDev.net is a great way to gain exposure.

In order for the review to happen, several requirements must be met:

  • For software: For software reviews we require that we receive a fully functional, fully licenced copy. In other words, we should receive exactly the same thing that someone who has purchased your software would receive.
  • For hardware: Typically, any hardware we receive may be used in multiple reviews. For example, we may do a standalone review, compare it with other products, or use it in conjunction with software that we are reviewing (all of which would serve to increase the exposure your product receives). Therefore, we generally won't review hardware on any type of loaner program; we intend to keep it.
  • For books: Books are reviewed separately in our books section. If you would like your book listed or reviewed on GameDev.net, please contact Dave Astle.
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