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GameDev.net Columns
GameDev.net's columns are dedicated to specific topics and are carefully reviewed to ensure a high level of quality. Each new installment in a column will be released according to a set schedule, as detailed below, so you can always know when to expect the next one.

If you would like to write for any of the columns below, please see our writers page, or send an e-mail to Dave.

Hardcore Game Programming
This column is dedicated to intermediate to advanced game programming topics. New articles are released on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Latest articles:
Texture Splatting in Direct3D by Nate Glasser
Spherical Scale Mapping by Stephan Reiter
High Dynamic Range Environment Mapping On Mainstream Graphics Hardware by Adam Lake and Cody Northrop
Intel® Software Solution Group (SSG)
Modern Game Technologies Project
Soft-Edged Shadows by Anirudh.S Shastry
Realistic Natural Effect Rendering: Water I by Yann Lombard
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Game Engineering
This column is focused on software engineering methods, specifically as applied to game development. New articles will be published on the first Wendesday of every month.

Latest articles:
Test Driving Expression Template Programming by Kent Lai
Blind Man's Bluff by Dean Margerison
Game Unified Process by Kevin Flood
The One: A Singleton Discussion by Robin Tan
Object-Oriented Scene Management by Jeff Kershner

Women in Game Development
This ongoing series takes a look at the role of women in the world of game development. Installments will be posted at irregular intervals.

Latest articles:
Women in Game Development: Part 5 by Sande Chen
Women in Game Development: Part 4 by Sande Chen
Women In Game Development #3 by Sande Chen
Women in Game Development #2 by Sande Chen
Women In Game Development: The Introduction by Sande Chen

Upcoming Columns
We have several other columns planned or are considering which have not officially been launched yet. We are actively seeking contributors for these columns. If you would like to contribute, or know someone who would, please contact us.

Here are the columns which are currently under consideration.

  • The Game Coroner - Our version of postmortems.
  • Exposed @ GameDev.net - (Working title.) Back in the days of Sweet.Oblivion, we used to do a monthly feature called The Shrine, which was a really in-depth interview/profile of a well-known developer. Often, they would join a public chat session as well. We'd like to bring these back.
  • Product reviews - (No title yet.) GDNet staff will do in-depth reviews of products used by developers. If there are specific things you'd like us to look at, let us know.
  • Console development - Tentative. No title yet.

If there are other topics you would like to see covered by a column, we're open to suggestions. Keep in mind though that some topics simply aren't big enough to dedicate an ongoing column to, and thus work better as regular featured articles.