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Puzzle Game Design Contest

Brought to you by Ted Gruber Software, makers of Fastgraph, available at http://www.fastgraph.com

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View submitted entries! (Updated 10/8)

Vital Information

  • Theme: Puzzle Game Design
  • Description: Create a puzzle game that is not a direct clone of an existing puzzle game. In other words, at least change the look of the player or the pieces. You will also need to submit 2 design documents. Prove that your game is a puzzle through the design document. See the Contest Rules for more information.
  • Basis for Judging: Gameplay, Originality, Design Document
  • Defintion of a Puzzle Game: In a puzzle game you have to figure out how to manipulate ALL the objects of the world in order to reach a goal. So, an FPS like Quake 2 cannot be called a puzzle game because you can run by the enemies and still succeed. However, a game like tetris satisfies because you cannot ignore any blocks that fall. You have to manipulate every block in order to get to your goal of making a "line".
  • Recommended Level: Everyone
  • Due Date:
    Design Document Draft 1 - August 27, 2000 at 11:59pm EST
    Design Document FINAL Draft - October 7, 2000 at 11:59pm EST
    Puzzle Game - October 7, 2000 at 11:59pm EST

  • Contest Rules

  • The first Design Document draft MUST be turned in by the due date in order for your entry to qualify. We will, however, accept late first draft entries at a 5 point deduction per day late. The contest is setup such that the total number of possible points will be equal to 5 times the number of days between the first and final draft due dates. In other words, if you don't turn in a Draft 1 document at all, you will get ZERO points.
  • You may use anything in your reach to make these games. That includes any API's, art, music, libraries, etc. HOWEVER, the final game source code must be original and cannot be a duplicate of any other existing puzzle game whose source is available for download. If we suspect any foul play, your source code will be requested.
  • A minimum of three (3) entries must be received by the contest officials, or the contest will be deemed invalid and no prizes will be awarded. Should this occur, judge officials will determine the necessary steps for prize dispersal.
  • This contest is entirely open ended within the restrictions set forth, and it is up to you to produce your entry. This includes researching, talking to people, and figuring out problems on your own - all tools necessary to survive in the gaming industry. DO NOT email us asking how to do something for this contest. We will ignore you, as everything you need is available in some way on or through GameDev.net.
  • Your entry does not need to be a full game, it may be a demo. This also means that your design document must at the minimum cover whatever your final game will have in it.
  • Other Rules
  • Only one entry per person or per team. NEW RULE: You may enter as PART of a team, AND still enter a SOLO only entry.
  • Team entries are allowed in this contest. You may have up to and including three (3) people per team. There will be no advantage nor disadvantage to submitting an entry as a team.
  • GameDev.net reserves the right to choose the number of winning entries.
  • The entry must be able to run on the Microsoft Windows platform (or else it can't be judged)..
  • GameDev.net reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time without prior notification.
  • GameDev.net may modify the contest rules at any time without prior notification.

  • The Prizes

    Up to 3 prizes will be awarded. The prize(s) include Fastgraph 6.0 available at http://www.fastgraph.com


    Failure to follow these submission guidlines will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Anonymous FTP to ftp.gamedev.net.
  • Go to the incoming directory.
  • Upload your file. Note that you will not be able to see any files located in the incoming directory. This is explained in the upload.txt file.
  • Email us with your name and entry filename using "contest entry" as the subject.
  • If you need to resubmit your entry before the due date, you may do so by following the above guidelines and notifying us of a resubmission.
  • Legalities

    Authors retain all rights and ownership to their entries. Should source code be requested by the contest authorities, the code and all files will remain within the confines of the authorities and will not be released to the general public.

    If you have any other questions regarding the rules, please notify kevin@gamedev.net.