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The 'Get Published' Isometric Game Programming Contest

Due Date: December 1, 2000

This is your chance to get published. I'm looking for isometric and hexagonal games, tools, utilities, libraries, etc for my upcoming book Isometric Game Programming with DirectX. Your demo, tool, or game can be on the CD accompanying the book. While I can't afford to hand out loads of cash for this, getting your program on this CD can be a really good resume item, and it will give you status among your peers. (won't your mom be proud? wouldn't it be nice to rub in the fact that YOUR GAME is on a book's CD to all of those kids at school who make fun of you for being a computer geek?)


  • all work must not violate any copyrights, and try to avoid third party wrappers (exception: using IsometriX based code is OK)
  • programs must be written for the Win32 platform
  • DirectX usage is highly suggested, but not absolutely required
  • programs must use isometric, hexagonal, or iso3d tiles
  • entries do not have to be a full game, but they must incorporate user interaction in some way (i.e. scrolling with the arrow keys)
  • You must sign a release for the executable to be published, and you may allow or disallow source code release also. you will still have the copyright on your work, the release it just to allow its use.
  • entries must include a readme.txt file listing all of the files and their purpose
  • for extra credit, entries may include an article that discusses its development

  • Prizes

  • selected entries will be placed on the CD accompanying the book Isometric Game Programming with DirectX published by Prima publishing
  • some entrants will be selected to receive a copy of Isometric Game Programming with DirectX signed by the author.

  • Contact

    Direct any queries or clarifications to tanstaafl@gamedev.net, and be sure to put "ISO CONTEST" in the subject line.