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Product Reviews
API Specific (43 listings)
Books covering specific APIs, such as DirectX, OpenGL, SDL, etc.
Subcategories: DirectX, OpenGL
Artificial Intelligence (17 listings)
Anything specifically related to the field of artificial intelligence
Audio Programming (5 listings)
Books dealing with sound programming techniques
Game Programming (79 listings)
General interest game programming and development books
Subcategories: Game Engines, Isometric and Tile-based Games
Graphics Programming (64 listings)
Books specifically focused on graphics programming
Subcategories: Shaders, Terrain Rendering
Languages (67 listings)
Books intended to teach you a programming language.
Subcategories: Assembly, C, C#, C++, Java, Scripting Languages, Visual Basic
Math and Physics (21 listings)
Foundational books covering math and physics
Multiplayer and Network Programming (14 listings)
Includes books about general network programming and multiplayer game programming
Platform Specific (30 listings)
Books covering a specific platform, such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, BeOS, and so on
Subcategories: Everything Unix, Mobile, Windows Programming
Software Engineering (26 listings)
Books about good software development and engineering practices
Testing (4 listings)
Includes topics related to improve the software testing process, both for games and non-game software.
Web Development (25 listings)
Includes topics such as developing Flash and other web-based games, as well as web development in general (HTML, ASP/PHP/JSP, SQL and databases, etc.).
Subcategories: Flash and Director
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No Products listed.