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Poll Results
"you're out in the hinterlands east of the Feora River, we run a small farm here, " says the woman. You see she is short and lean of frame, wiry muscles beneath her shirt and slacks show she is no simple kitchen maiden. "We discovered you unconscious in your camp - we saw your cooking fire smoke run up for two days straight and feared the bush afire." She steps into the room and a man follows, medium height with a dark beard and piercing eyes. "My husband carried you back here." The man gives you a nod but otherwise remains silent, his stare seems off-putting.
"Uhm, thanks - but I think I should leave now" 9.64% 33
"I come from over the mountains, I don't know this land" 20.7% 71
[to the man] "Who are you looking at?" 8.47% 29
"Who are you two?" 17.8% 61
"How long have I been asleep?" 43.2% 148
[Previous Polls] Total Votes: 342