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Poll Results
You walk over and sit on the stool as the big front door swings open and Voryn walks in carrying a large bundle of wood, which he sets down near the hearth and uses to stoke the dimming fire. Tarah moves over to the corner near your room and lifts up a trap door. She descends down into a cellar and returns shortly with three bread loafs stacked in her arms. After placing one on each plate Tarah and Voryn take their seats, closing their eyes. Propping both elbows on the table a shoulders-width apart they straighten their hands as if they were going to chop the air. Slowly, they raise their forearms, touching the two middle fingers of their hands together as they reach their slightly bowed temples, palms facing inwards. One of Voryn's eyes cracks open to see what you are doing.
Mimic Tarah and Voryn 34.6% 51
Do nothing 65.3% 96
[Previous Polls] Total Votes: 147