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How to Get More Sales for Less Work

One of the best ways to increase your game sales is obvious: just release a new game. Of course, this is much easier said than done. But what if there were a way to develop and release a new product in just a small fraction of your normal development time, perhaps just a couple weeks or maybe only a few days? And what if you could launch this new product simply by listing it on your existing order form without having to create a demo version or doing any uploading at all? You can accomplish all of this simply by releasing an add-on for one of your existing products.

An add-on is a separate product that piggybacks onto one of your existing products. Typically, it requires installation of the original product to function. Examples include new levels for a game, new images for a screen saver, a set of templates for an HTML editor, and new filters for an image editing program. There are three main ways to increase your sales: acquire more customers, get customers to spend more money, or get customers to buy more frequently. Releasing an add-on can actually help you achieve all three of these simultaneously.

First, add-ons can help you acquire more customers. Listing add-ons on your order form sets you apart from other developers by showing a strong commitment to supporting the original product. Potential customers may also figure that your original product must be a winner if you've decided to release an add-on for it. Add-ons can also increase the amount of time a customer spends playing your game, thus increasing the chance for word-of-mouth sales.

Secondly, add-ons can get customers to spend more money when they buy from you. Many customers will buy an add-on when they purchase the original product, especially if the add-on has an attractive impulse price, so you gain an immediate and permanent sales increase just by listing it on your order form. Some customers who think the price of your original product is a steal will purchase the add-on simply because they expected to spend more. Other customers will purchase the add-on with the original product because they don't want to have to come back and buy it later. If you don't sell add-ons, you are probably leaving extra money on the table that your customers are willing to give you.

Thirdly, add-ons can get your existing customers to buy from you more frequently. Add-ons allow you to offer something new between major releases. People who have already bought from you in the past are likely to be comfortable buying from you again. For a quick boost in sales, announce a new add-on prominently on your web site, in your newsletter, and through any other mediums you may have to reach previous customers.

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