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Creating Virtual Worlds


This article talks about level design. "Uh-oh, not another one!" you might think. But I promise this one will be different ;)

I don't want to discuss bad and good design - although my topic automatically avoids some very bad designs, or so I hope. I will rather write about the final stage, getting the level into the computer.

When you have planned, drawn on paper, discussed, planned again, thrown it into the round file, planned yet another time, drawn on paper, finalized it - then the glorius moment comes and you turn on that evil little beeping, blinking machine in the corner and want to bring your level to life. Thats what this article is all about. Follow me to the next room, er, section...

What you need

  What you need
  How it was...
  A single room
  Two rooms
  Three rooms over the edge
  Another brick in the wall
  Doorways to Heaven
  Redefine the world
  Links, routes, etc.
  More ideas

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