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Formal Methods

Resources Listed: 8
Formal Methods
Topic Author Description
A Review of Formal Methods
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Robert L. Vienneau  This report overviews the technical basis for formal methods, while critically noting weaknesses. 
An Analysis of two Formal Methods: VDM and Z
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Thomas McGibbon  This paper compares and contrasts the strengths and weaknesses of the Vienna Development Method (VDM) and Z in the software design life cycle phase, and compares and contrasts VDM and Z to other formal models. 
Beyond the black box: Open implementation
[Added: 8/29/2001]
Gregor Kiczales  Open Implementation is a software design technique that helps write modules that are both reusable and very efficient for a wide range of clients.  
Blind Man's Bluff
[Added: 3/20/2004]
Dean Margerison  Provides a brief insight into the current problems that many projects face, and what can be done to transform the situation for the better. 
Game Unified Process
[Added: 5/14/2003]
Kevin Flood  Describes how the author applied Rational and XP development processes to game development. 
Incremental Development
[Added: 6/24/2002]
Drew Sikora  This article will introduce you to a method of development that will supplement skill, knowledge, dedication, and goals in order to enable you to achieve your goals. 
Test Driving Expression Template Programming
[Added: 6/27/2004]
Kent Lai  In this article, you will be introduced to the concept of writing unit tests for your projects, and going a step further, to begin driving your development process with the test first, code later concept. 
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