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Topic Author Description
3D Sound in Games
[Added: 7/17/2000]
Jake Simpson  Gives a basic, high-level overview of modern 3D sound technologies. 
A Guide To Starting With OpenAL
[Added: 10/23/2003]
Lee Winder  Provides an introductory tutorial to adding sounds via OpenAL. 
A Quick Guide to FMOD
[Added: 5/21/2004]
Joachim Rohde  Provides an overview of and samples of using the FMOD sound system. 
Beat Detection Algorithms
[Added: 6/7/2003]
Frédéric Patin  Explores several different algorithms for automatically detecting beats in music. 
How to Construct a Lowpass Filter
[Added: 11/18/1999]
  A brief tutorial on the theory behind lowpass filters. 
Introduction to Ogg Vorbis
[Added: 12/29/2003]
Anthony "TangentZ" Yuen  Shows how to set up a system to play Ogg Vorbis files through the use of the Ogg Vorbis SDK and OpenAL. 
Programming 3D Sound With OpenAL in Windows
[Added: 7/2/2003]
Dan Ricart  This article explains the basics of OpenAL and how to get started adding 3D sound to your project. 
Resonant Lowpass Filter Soruce
[Added: 11/18/1999]
Zxform  Source code for an implementation of lowpass filters. 
Sound Server Programming
[Added: 3/16/2001]
Arnaud Carré  Uses WaveOut and DirectSound to create a sound library. 
Using MCI for MP3 Playback
[Added: 3/3/2004]
Rob Zimmerman  Explains how to use Windows MCI to play MP3 files. 
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