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DirectX Graphics

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DirectX Graphics
Topic Author Description
2D in Direct3D using Textured Quads
[Added: 7/31/2003]
Eamonn Doherty  This article is for people trying to make a 2D graphics engine using Direct3D 9. 
2D Programming in a 3D World
[Added: 6/16/2001]
George Geczy  Focuses on how to use DirectX 8 for 2D games. 
2D Rendering in DirectX 8
[Added: 7/6/2001]
Kelly Dempski  This article will present a framework for 2D rendering in DirectX 8 to ease the transition from DirectDraw to Direct3D.  
A Non-Integer Power Function on the Pixel Shader
[Added: 5/7/2003]
Phillippe Beaudoin and Juan Guardado  Presents a simple shader trick that performs a good per pixel approximation of a non-integer power function. 
An Overview of Microsoft's Direct3D 10 API
[Added: 12/15/2005]
Jack Hoxley  A high-level overview of Microsoft's upcoming evolution of Direct3D. 
Direct3D 9.0 with SDL
[Added: 5/17/2005]
Michael Conway  Illustrates how to use SDL instead of native Win32 to set up a Direct3D application. 
DirectX 8 Graphics and Video: A Fresh Start
[Added: 11/30/2000]
Toby Jones  DirectX 8 is easily the most significant update to the API yet. In this article, the author covers what's new and provides you with samples of how to use it. 
DirectX Graphics for Visual Basic Part 1
[Added: 2/17/2001]
Jack Hoxley  The series begins with an introduction to using DirectX 8 in Visual Basic and created a simple Direct3D application. 
DirectX Graphics for Visual Basic Part 2
[Added: 4/6/2001]
Jack Hoxley  The second installment in this series covers Direct3D essentials in Visual Basics, including geometry and vertex and index lists. 
DirectXGraphics for Visual Basic Part 3
[Added: 12/31/2001]
Jack Hoxley  The final installment in this series covers using textures in Direct3D, loading 3D models from files, and using the Direct3D lighting engine.  
Dissecting Sprites in Direct3D
[Added: 1/5/2002]
R. Parker  This article explores the inner workings of sprite drawing in DirectX 8. Using a low level approach, programmers can gain more control over their rendering code and address the shortcomings of any DirectX blitter. 
Getting Rid of the Windows Message Pump & Solving the ALT-TAB Problem
[Added: 12/5/2000]
Javier F. Otaegui  Discusses how to use multiple threads to avoid having to use a finite state machine and use a traditional linear programming model. Also covers how to suspend your game when it's not active. 
Implementing Immediate Mode in Direct3D
[Added: 7/13/2003]
Promit Roy  Covers the creation of a set of wrappers emulating OpenGL's immediate mode functions for use in porting or quickly prototyping code. 
Implementing Skin Meshes with DirectX 8
[Added: 6/7/2002]
Sarmad Kh Abdulla  This article covers the implementation of skinned meshes in D3D and D3DX, including sample source code. 
Introduction to Shader Programming Part II: Programming Vertex Shaders
[Added: 4/24/2002]
Wolfgang F. Engel  The second installment demonstrates the use of vertex shaders in a program that evolves through several stages. 
Introduction to Shader Programming Part III Fundamentals of Pixel Shaders
[Added: 5/15/2002]
Wolfgang F. Engel  The third installment in this series moves on to pixel shaders, providing a complete introduction to them. 
Introduction to Shader Programming Part IV: Programming Pixel Shaders
[Added: 6/11/2002]
Wolfgang F. Engel  The fourth and final installment of this series digs into the details of implementing pixel shaders. 
Occlusion Culling Using DirectX 9
[Added: 8/6/2004]
Dustin Franklin  Explains how to do occlusion culling using occlusion queries. 
Shader Programming Part I: Fundamentals of Vertex Shaders
[Added: 4/9/2002]
Wolfgang Engel  The first article in this series provides a brief overview of shaders in general and a high-level discussion of vertex shaders in particular. 
Using Vertex Buffers With DirectX
[Added: 5/26/2003]
Erik Yuzwa  A few tips and pointers for working with vertex buffers. 
Using Vertex Tweening for Animation
[Added: 11/26/2003]
Brian Jorgensen  Explains how to use DirectX's built-in vertex tweening functionality for animation. 
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