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Getting into the Industry

Here you'll find articles providing advice about landing a job in the game industry.
Resources Listed: 21
Getting into the Industry 
Subcategory: Getting into the Industry
Topic Author Description
Advice for applying to game developers
[Added: 8/2/1999]
Robin Green  Taken from a recent newsgroup posting, in this article Robin Green of Bullfrog gives some advice on getting into the industry. 
Break Into The Game Industry Chapter 7: How to Get a Job
[Added: 10/9/2003]
Ernest Adams  An excerpt from the book Break Into the Game Industry from McGraw-Hill. 
Careers in the Game Industry
[Added: 9/19/2003]
Codemasters  Tips for programmers, artists, and QA techs. 
Game Development Schools Part 1
[Added: 12/1/1999]
Joseph Fernald  Yes, there are schools that teach game development. Come inside to get an idea of what they have to offer. 
Game Programming with Parberry
[Added: 4/15/2002]
Aaron Lott  Provides an overview of the game programming courses taught by Professor Ian Parberry at the University of North Texas. 
Getting A Job as a Game Programmer
[Added: 3/29/2000]
Ryan McMahon  This site by a programmer at Neversoft provides information, advice, and encouragement on getting a job in the industry, as a programmer. 
Getting Into Game Development
[Added: 9/14/1999]
John de Goes  Lays out several paths to getting into game development, including a description of many of the positions available. 
Getting Started in the Games Industry
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Geoff Howland  Geoff gives a great overview of getting into the computer game industry. 
How to approach an interview
[Added: 7/31/1999]
Robert Holm  Taken from a post on his site, in this article animator Robert Holm gives his advice on how to prepare for and act in an interview. 
How to get a job at Blizzard Entertainment
[Added: 1/28/2002]
  Even though it's specifically for Blizzard, this article contains advice relevant to someone trying to get a job with any professional developer. 
How To Get A Job In The Gaming Biz
[Added: 12/21/2000]
Cliff Bleszinski  Tips for level designers, artists, and game designers. 
How to Get Started in the Game Industry: Part I
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ernest Adams  Some valuable insight about getting into game development. 
How to Get Started in the Game Industry: Part II
[Added: 2/17/2002]
Ernest Adams  Addresses "great ideas" and the two main paths in to game development.  
Job-specific Questions
[Added: 8/2/1999]
David Perry  In this page on his web site, David Perry of Shiny Entertainment responds to questions about getting into the industry in specific fields. 
Lessons from a Full Sail Game Design Failure
[Added: 2/11/2003]
Jeremy Powlick  Jeremy Powlick shares his experiences while attending Full Sail, in hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes he made. 
So you wanna work in a startup?
[Added: 1/5/2001]
Stanley Foo  Presents some pointers you should think about when considering a job at a not-so-well-established employer. 
So You Want to be a Game Programmer?
[Added: 10/14/1999]
Ian Parberry  Written by a professor of game programming, this article focuses on the role of a college education in becoming a game developer. 
The Getting Started Guide to Game Development FAQ
[Added: 7/16/1999]
Ben Sawyer  Although quite dated in many areas, the FAQ still contains many useful tips and suggestions for creating your own games. 
Video Game Industry FAQ
[Added: 8/2/1999]
David Perry  In this page on his web site, David Perry of Shiny Entertainment responds to some common, general questions about getting into the industry. 
What Companies Look For
[Added: 9/7/1999]
Unknown  Susan Wooley of Blizzard and Matt Green of Cinematix offer advice about what game developers look for in potential employees. 
Your Portfolio Repels Jobs
[Added: 9/8/2008]
Jon Jones  Jon Jones, an Outsourced Art Production Manager, warns "I look at game artists' portfolios on a regular basis. These websites are usually designed so poorly that I close my browser out of disgust. They're even bad enough to turn away potential employers, regardless of the quality of the artwork. Tragic!" How can artists avoid this pitfall? Jones gives web design advice sure to make landing jobs successful on Notes on Game Dev.  
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