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Resources Listed: 7
Topic Author Description
Converting Scan Codes to ASCII
[Added: 11/12/1999]
Photon  This article describes how to convert scan codes using Win32 functionality. 
Cop a Feel....with Haptic Peripherals!!!
[Added: 2/22/2000]
Chuck Walters  Covers taking advantage of force feedback features with DirectInput 5. 
DirectInput Initialization
[Added: 2/21/2001]
Anthony Wlodarski  Covers the necessary steps in setting up DirectInput objects and devices. 
DirectX 8 and the Keyboard
[Added: 1/2/2002]
Mason Smith  Provides basic coverage of the keyboard under DirectInput, including a class wrapper. 
DirectX 8 and the Mouse
[Added: 1/18/2002]
Mason Smtih  A follow up to the author's keyboard article. 
Flexible User Input Programming – An Idea
[Added: 3/14/2001]
Yordan Gyurchev  Describes a method of creating a user-customizable, flexible input system using DirectInput. 
Programming Mouse and Keyboard with DirectInput 3.0
[Added: 8/7/1999]
Peter Donnelly  Although it's a little dated, this article gives a detailed overview of DirectInput. 
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