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  Duck Tiles Level Design Contest


The contest has ended. You can see the results here.


Create a great level for the game Duck Tiles using the Ducky Builder utility, impress the judges, and win a fully loaded XBox combo or Return of Castle Wolfenstein game.

Wait a minute, what's "Duck Tiles"?

Duck Tiles is a puzzle game developed by The Code Zone that takes place on a bathroom floor populated with bars of soap, sponges, and rubber duckies. The object of the game is simple --move all of the rubber duckies to the drains. Problem is, the floor is slippery and duckies don't have brakes, so they must rely on the sponges (which cannot move) and bars of soap (which can) to get themselves to a drain safely.

Contest rules

Submitting a level

To submit a level, attach the file to an email message and send it to johnhattan@sbcglobal.net. If we have trouble with a level you've submitted, you will be contacted. Be sure you include full contact information when you submit the level(s) so that we can contact you if you win.


First prize - A fully loaded XBox Adrenaline Pack. Package includes Xbox console, Oddworld, HALO, Dead or Alive 3, and an extra controller ($499 value).

Eight runner-up prizes - "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" ($50 value)

Note: Prize delivery schedule is subject to availability. All prizes will be forwarded to the winners immediately upon receipt by The Code Zone.