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About the Game Dictionary

The Game Dictionary was created to fill a hole left by other industry resources. We hope to provide a single, encyclopaedic home for terminology definitions covering the whole gamut of the computer games industry.

In an industry this cutting-edge technology-oriented, it is only natural that we will stumble over jargon with which we are unfamiliar. This is particularly galling for newcomers to the industry and those looking for accurate, accessible and above all, intelligible, information. This is why we created the Game Dictionary.

The Game Dictionary is very much a work-in-progress. Even when we have a definition for every single word or term used within the industry, we will continue to work on refining and improving the definitions to make them as clear and as helpful as possible. We also plan to provide links to longer articles which help explain jargon in context. Eventually, we will have a hybrid dictionary & encyclopaedia of games industry terminology and techniques.

If you want to help us, we have provided a means for you to suggest changes or additions to the dictionary database, and we will also check each entry to ensure accuracy.

We hope that you can find the Game Dictionary useful and we appreciate all comments and suggested definitions!

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