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Using Blender to Make Game Models Part 2

In our UV window we see how it calculated our UV map. Looks like crap. Let's fix it by marking Seams along our model. Seams will tell the UV unwrapper where to cut the model.


Back to Front View. Exit Face Select Mode (FKEY), enter Edit Mode (TAB), use your Select tools (BKEY) and drag to select the ends of the crosspiece and zoom in (MMB) to select all points under the blade:


To clear up our view we will Hide (HKEY) all of these vertices. Rotate (MMB) the view a little and select (SHIFT+BKEY)the six vertices around the base of the blade and hide them (HKEY)as well:


Now Select the four vertices that make up the base of the blade and mark them with a Seam (CTRL+EKEY).


Still at the base of the blade, Deselect (SHIFT+AKEY) the two vertices that make up the flat of the blade, but be sure to keep the two edge vertices selected. At the top of the blade, also Select (SHIFT+AKEY) the three vertices that make up the tip and the top of the edges. Mark a seam (CTRL+EKEY).


Now let's check our progress. Exit Edit Mode (TAB), enter Face Select Mode (FKEY), and select LSCM in our Specials Menu (UKEY):


A little better on the blade, let's fix the handle.

We need to swap the visible blade with the invisible handle.

Front View (NUMPAD 1), Deselect all (AKEY), you may have to hit it twice, and Unhide the handle (ALT+HKEY).


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