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In the Mind of a Game Musician
[Added: 1/18/2000]
Marcus Knudsen  You enter a dark room.. the door shuts behind you. You hear ghoulish moaning in the distance as a low bass sound begins to grow louder. The music you hear grips you down to your very core.. making you unsure of every move you make. Hold on to your seat, because it's time to find out exactly what goes into the mind of a musician when creating game music!  
Music from Myst III: Exile - The Evolution of a Videogame Soundtrack
[Added: 1/18/2002]
Jack Wall  Talks about the process involved with creating a movie quality soundtrack. 
The Art of Noise: Game Studio Recording and Foley
[Added: 10/9/2000]
Robert Stevenson  Tips for making the most out of your recording session, including techniques for creating and recording your own Foley sound effects, how to select the right equipment, and why not to go into the studio on an empty stomach. 
The Music of Anarchy Online: Creating Music for MMOGs
[Added: 4/20/2003]
Bjørn Arve Lagim  This article sets out to share the author's experiences with creating music for an MMOG, and to describe the solutions to some of the problems encountered. 
Writing Game Music : Part I
[Added: 5/17/2000]
John Licato  Ever wondered how to write your own game music? Have you ever read guides that don't explain the things you want to know about music? Well, here's part I of a 3 part series of articles that will explain everything you need to know about writing music—and then more! 
Writing Game Music : Part II
[Added: 6/21/2000]
John Licato  Here's part II of the series which will explain just about everything you know to write music for games! In this part: How to change a music idea into reality. 
Writing Game Music : Part III
[Added: 8/14/2000]
John Licato  Part III of the series will explain everything you need to know to write game music! In this part: How to write variations and basic harmonization! 
Writing Game Music : Part IV
[Added: 1/2/2001]
John Licato  The latest in this series covers volume control and combining the intro and conclusion of the song with the main theme. 
Your Audio Design Document: Important Items to Consider in Audio Design, Production, and Support
[Added: 8/2/2000]
Keith Zizza  Well, I think the title is long enough to cover it 
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