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What is this?

This tutorial is, hopefully, going to teach people how to independently develop games for the Gameboy Advance with relative ease. The system is actually a pretty nice system to develop for, and acquiring the necessary tools won't cost you a billion dollars as opposed to most console systems.

Who is this tutorial intended for?

Unfortunately, I lack the experience and skill to teach you C from the ground up, and therefore you will have to know the language beforehand. You shouldn't need much more knowledge, and you don't even need a GBA (I didn't have a GBA for my first few weeks of development).

How am I going to teach you?

Through a series of articles, I'm going to try to give you the necessary information you need to develop a decent GBA program, and hopefully a game. Each article will cover anywhere from one to one billion topics associated with GBA programming, and sometimes I might toss in general coding techniques to help you out. I'll give you examples, information, and other miscellaneous stuff you need to know. Occassionally, I might even code you a demo to help (wouldn't that be neat?).

What will this article cover?

In this first article, I'm simply going to give you an overview of the GBA system and its capabilities. Unfortunately, we won't be coding yet - be patient, I'll get around to it (with luck).

I've had enough of giving you an overview of the purpose of this article. Let's begin.

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