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Resources Listed: 27
Topic Author Description
Borland C++ 5.0 Setup For DirectX 5.0
[Added: 7/25/1999]
Bruce Veazie  How to make DirectX work with BC++ 5 
Building an .X File Frame Hierarchy
[Added: 9/24/2001]
Jim Adams  Shows you how to load and create a frame hierarchy from an .X file. 
Building Game Explorer Support Into Your XNA Project
[Added: 6/18/2008]
Chris Charabaruk  Learn how to take advantage of Vista's Game Explorer in your XNA project 
Character Animation with DirectX 8.0
[Added: 1/16/2002]
Johannes Leimbach  Provides instructions and a wrapper class for loading and MD2 model in DirectX 8. 
Converting MS-DOS-based Games to Windows 95: A Report from the Trenches
[Added: 8/7/1999]
Zachary Simpson  While the urgency of this topic has subsided slightly as the masses have generally moved to Windows, this article still is useful to those who are wanting to convert that DOS game to Windows. 
Developing a GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 1
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Mason McCuskey  Mason kicks off the series with a look at handling mouse input. 
Developing a GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 2
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Mason McCuskey  This installment gets into the meat of the GUI, implementing the windows and message handler. 
Developing a GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 3
[Added: 5/17/2000]
Mason McCuskey  This issue covers the controls you'll be adding to your GUI. 
Developing A GUI Using C++ and DirectX Part 4
[Added: 9/15/1999]
Mason McCuskey  Mason wraps up the series, covering resource editors and a few loose ends. 
Direct X-tasy
[Added: 7/31/1999]
André LaMothe  An introduction to DirectX by the well-known author. 
DirectX 7 Enumeration
[Added: 10/11/1999]
Nathan Davies  Takes you through how to enumerate available devices and modes to allow you to adapt to different hardware, or let the user select a mode. 
DirectX AppWizard for VS.Net
[Added: 4/7/2002]
Scott Chappel  283 K 
Downloading the DirectX SDK
[Added: 7/29/1999]
N/A  Get the DirectX SDK and other official resources here. 
Fast Graphics Under Windows
[Added: 9/14/1999]
Seumas McNally  Covers the basics of fast graphics in Windows using either DirectDraw or CreateDIBSection(). 
Generating a Screenshot in DirectX 8.1
[Added: 7/2/2002]
Keith Newton  Explains how to output a screenshot using only a few lines of code. 
Getting DirectX 8.1 to Work with Dev-C++
[Added: 3/16/2004]
Sherman Chin  Walks through some of the problems encountered setting up DX with DevC++. 
How to parse .X files
[Added: 9/13/2001]
Jim Adams  Provides coverage of what you need to know to start working with .X file-based meshes. 
Integrating Direct3D 8.1 With MFC Using Visual Studio 6.0
[Added: 3/2/2002]
Frank D. Luna V  This paper walks the reader through setting up a simple DirectX application in the MFC framework using wizards and the document/view architecture. 
Loading a Texture From a Zip File in DirectX 9
[Added: 9/11/2003]
Greg Stewart  This is a simple article on how to load textures from .ZIP files using DirectX 9. 
Managed DirectX
[Added: 8/17/2003]
Craig Andera  A couple of articles covering managed Direct3D and DirectSound. 
Moving from Exclusive Mode to Windowed Mode in DirectX Part I
[Added: 3/20/2000]
null_pointer  If you've had trouble moving your DirectX game to windowed mode, or want it to be able to switch back and forth while running, this article will get you there. 
Moving from Exclusive Mode to Windowed Mode in DirectX Part II
[Added: 6/6/2000]
null_pointer  This installment improves the functions presented in part 1, and shows you how to improve the responsiveness and look of your game in both modes. 
Multiple Monitor Support Code
[Added: 8/15/2000]
David Stubbs  This code allows the user to select which video card to use if there are more than one present. 
Playing AVI Files with DirectX
[Added: 9/21/1999]
Gert Wollny  Provides a class for playing AVI files and describes how to use it. 
Starting Direct3D9: Setting Up a Window
[Added: 5/20/2003]
Mason Smith  This article will teach you the basics of Direct3D and using it to setup a Direct3D-enabled window. 
Working with the DirectX .X File Format and Animation in DirectX 9.0
[Added: 3/30/2004]
Jason Jurecka  Sets up a working model and plays animations for that model using the .X format. 
Xtreme Debugging
[Added: 7/31/1999]
André LaMothe  In this article, André LaMothe describes how to overcome the challenge of debugging in full-screen DirectX by using two monitors. 
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