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 What the Heck
 is a Tile?

 Drawing the Tiles

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  The Series

 Part 1
 Part 2



With a good amount of C/C++ and basic DirectX knowledge, the reader should be able to go through this tutorial and be able to pick up a few things, I hope. I assume that the reader knows enough DirectX to set up DirectDraw and can load a bitmap from a file to an off-screen surface. I will not be describing how to load bitmaps in this article.

Throughout the article, I will be using Windows/DirectX terminology, but for those of you programming for DOS or some other platform, donít worry; all the methods presented are somewhat portable : )

Note: My code may not be the most bug-free in the world, and my techniques may not be the most efficient, but Iím trying my best. Enjoy!

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