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When the app is finishing, the DeleteDeviceObjects() is called:

HRESULT CMyD3DApplication::DeleteDeviceObjects() { D3DTextr_InvalidateAllTextures(); return S_OK; }

The call to D3DTextr_InvalidateAllTextures() releases the allocated surfaces for the textures.


The framework sends its last call to FinalCleanup().

HRESULT CMyD3DApplication::FinalCleanup() { D3DTextr_DestroyTexture( "lake.bmp" ); return S_OK; }

D3DTextr_DestroyTexture() releases the allocated memory for the texture container.


I hope you enjoyed our small trip into the word of the Direct3D 7 IM Framework. This was a very simple sample to show the new Direct3D 7 Framework. The next step is building a more complex sample...

If you dislike or like it, give me a sign at wolf@direct3d.net