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CSRPG1 for Mac OS X
Developer   Ravuya

About: A simple role-playing game engine developed for my high school class. Does not include the editors built for it, but includes a partially completed example game.

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I built this for a high school demonstration, so obviously it's not complete, perfect, or even very nice. It is, however, a very nice example of an RPG. I put it here because the Mac OS X section here is looking fairly anemic.

If you want the Windows or Linux versions, you can grab them off my website.

Unique Features:
* Complete shop manager -- buy objects
* Inventory management -- equip and unequip armour and swords
* Variety of spells
* Plenty of secrets to find -- see if you can find my class prof!
* Clean and nice sprite graphics (obviously made by people other than me)
* Large, open worlds
* The genesis of Mr. Questy
* Crash bugs fixed from the Windows and Linux versions
* Lots of quests to do

System Requirements

G3/233 or higher, decent video card, Mac OS X 10.1 or later, SDL, SDL_image frameworks


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