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Game Development Showcase
0% by valles
     A 2d game for the 4E competition. It's not much on fun, but I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to improve it.
2D PacMan Clone by Prog101
     yet another 2D PacMan game, but what fun. 4 levels of true fun with each lvel the ghosts get smarter and quicker
3D pacman clone "Updated with mini map" by Prog101
     Navigate your way through the maze of ghost eating all of the pills to top up your score to make the hi score list, choose either top down 1st or 3rd person views
3D Tank Attack "UPDATED" by Prog101
     Game Pitch: Navigate the tank through 5 levels to collect all the flags. But you will have to be alert as there is an enemy Tank added each level and Robots with missile launchers on the top of the towers, plus watch out for that fog as it will make you disoriented.
A Space Ship Tester (for 3D artists) v0.10.02 by Battagline
     This is a stripped down version of Epoch Star I built for my artist to test his ship models in the Epoch Star Engine. You can easily drop .x files and textures into this and test the way they look in a simple space shooter.
Ad Astra by chapmast
     Ad Astra is an open-ended Space Exploration game inspired by games such as Elite or Privateer. Features : 110,000+ Real Stars - Fractal Planets - Procedural Flora and Fauna - Lots of Weapons - Lots of Spacecraft
Adagio by FenrirWolf
     Thumb-blistering arcade action set in a future world ruled by alien-humans!
Admiral Overalls by HopeDagger
     Move over, Commander Keen! Admiral Overalls is a refreshing 2D retro-themed platformer of comedic proportions. Evade deadly foes while wielding your fearsome slingshot loaded with tomatoes!
Aeroblaster(In Progress) by cm2
     Blast your way through the first level of the game using your dual guns and primary guns!
Alien Abduction! by coldacid
     The CN Tower is really a spaceship and launching spire, and it is your job to use it to abduct aliens from other worlds and bring them back to Canada for secret Arctic research projects!
Alien Invaders Attack by Battagline
     A quick little space invaders style shooter game I pulled together to learn Dark Basic, and use some ship models I built for my game Epoch Star
Alien Territory by superpig
     Grab crystals and avoid the nasties in this (rather old) clone of an (even older) classic arcade game.
Alien Xenocide by snard6
     Built for the lazy gamer… in a small window so as to be easy to start or stop on a whim. A space invaders type style with upgrades such as spread, homing, and wave, give the game an interesting replay value. Can you beat the game, probably, but once the difficulty increases can you do it again?
Alpha Blast v100 by Jason Z
     Alpha Blast is a 2D shooter rendered with 3D models using OpenGL. It features realistic physics for the player model as it moves over a Quadratic B-Spline generated terrain! That translates into you having fun with the game!
Angels 20 Demo v 0.9.9(ish) by Sir Sapo
     Angels 20 is a throwback to the original Wings of Fury. Fly your plane off of the Aircraft Carrier, and destroy your enemy.
Angry Boulders by HandCraftedRadio
     Help the red spazoid avoid the bugs by crushing them with the three sets of boulders, but be careful not to crush yourself.
Army of Minos by EvDaedalus
     A tank-battle action game where you must battle the Army of Minos and complete your mission objectives to advance to the next level. Search each level for secret powerups and new weapons!
Ascending Order by ildave1
     A simple puzzle where the objective is to adjust the tile locations in Ascending Order.
ASCII Fishtank by capn_midnight
     It's a fishtank! Made with letters!
ASCII Tetris.NET by capn_midnight
     The classic game of Tetris, with a compromise for the console Window
Asteriods 3D by Tera_Dragon
     My first game/engine attepmt.
Asteroid ES v.0.80.01 by Battagline
     Asteroid ES is an Asteroid Clone I made using the Epoch Star Engine to test the flexability and stability of the Epoch Star Engine. Upgraded with weapon powerups, enemy ship flyby attacks, and joystick controls.
Asteroids by falkone
     A lean and mean Asteroids clone (25KB big) good for a quick diversion or a boring day in the lab.
Asteroids 3D by Whatz
     This is my vision of a 3D Asteroids Space Shooter. Personally, I kind of like blowing things up, and I especially like space shooters, so this game is great fun for me. =)
Badgers and Monkeys by Patbert
     Noughts and crosses but with badgers and monkeys. Also includes RealBasic source code.
Battle of the Generals ver 1.0 by denthorq
     A board game that uses military strategy and tactics. This is an original game reminiscent of chess and the strategic war-game classics.
Blastoids by Rob Loach
     An enhanced version of the classic game: Asteroids. Control your ship, destroying asteroids, gaining points, getting powerups and progressing through levels.
Block Blaster by capn_midnight
     a bunch of rings are coming after you, the hopping block. Shoot them down quickly.
BlockStacker by Staffan E
     This is a tetris clone. Blocks fall from the top of the screen. When you complete horizontal lines you will be awarded points and after enough lines the blocks will fall faster to increase difficulty. The game ends when the stack of blocks reaches the top.
Blocky Man by Stompy9999
     Blocky Man is a simple yet fun sidescroller in the tradition of Super Mario Brothers. Colorful programmer art and midi video game music accompany this truely old school platformer.
BloX v0.1b by Sep
     Blox is a freeware Tetris clone. It was created in educational purpose.
Blumenmacht (Version 2.1b) by urs
     Blumenmacht is a unique mixture of shoot'em up and memory gameplay. The nonviolent game has a colourful flowerpower theme. It comes with a short tutorial. You can play nine levels on three different difficulty settings.
Bodo the Robot V0.1b by meix
     My first attempt in writing a side scroller. Get Bodo the Robot safely the the exit of the level. Please tell me what you think!
Boot Sector Tic-Tac-Toe (V2) by Extrarius
     Tic-Tac-Toe fit to be placed in the boot sector of a floppy. Playable on any 386 or compatible - OS doesn't matter since it can run without one.
Brainf*** Interpreter by TANSTAAFL
     Interprets Brainf*** source files.
Bravehorse by HandCraftedRadio
     The Pony Princess has been captured by horrible monsters. You are the only horse brave enough to enter their territory alone and face them head on, in an attempt to rescue her.
Breakout Returns by ildave1
     Originally released in 1976, Breakout quickly became a great Arcade game of its time. Here, I wanted to bring back that same flavor, with a twist. Breakout Returns offers a unique Breakout experience, while staying true to the concept originally designed so long ago.
Breakoutz by Stompy9999
     I coded this awhile ago using Allegro and C. This is probably my favorite of the games I have made. Shows how much I have to learn (:
Broken Knuckles by HandCraftedRadio
     A ruthless gang of thugs known only as SID plots a plan to enslave mankind. It's up to two determined brothers to put an end to their plans. Take on the role of the brothers, alone or with a friend, as they take on various enemies, from street thugs to deadly ninjas.
C.F.L. : Conquest For Love V0.25 Demo by DecipherOne
     This actually is v0.25, sorry for the mix up before. Journey through the town of SpAnkeny Iowa on a quest for love. As a teenage boy about to leave highschool and embark into the world, you and some friends have made an all too familair pact to see who can get the most tail.
Captain Earth by MeganetStudios
     Fly with Captain Earth Save the Earth and Universe
Casino Black Jack by Battagline
     A Flash Black Jack game I wrote for my Casino Games site.
Casino Critters - Video Poker by Battagline
     More work on my vector art skills. Like my last video poker game, but with an animal theme, and better overall art work. Also available online: Casino Game
Casino Roulette by Battagline
     Roulett game written in Flash. Available to play online at Casino Games & Slots
Castle by Eddie Hicks
     Small project containing 10 different areas and several characters. Each character will converse with the user through text and has a small HTML file linked to them.
Chaos Campus by HeftiSchlumpf
     You are playing the role of Simon, a student which had a nightmare: All of his friends transmutated to zombies, and he is the only one who can help, because he was drunk! Right, you have to fight the evil, and still need to drink alcoholics to be immune against the dark magic ....
ChemHex(Freeware) by TANSTAAFL
     An addictive chemistry themed puzzle game where you complete molecules to earn points. Try not to paint yourself into a corner!
Cloudburst by FenrirWolf
     Cloudburst is a 2D side scrolling shooter with awesome graphics and unique gameplay.
Cognizance v1.0 by xaver
     Cognizance is a horizontal shooter game that combines a traditional shooter with puzzle and RPG elements. In the first phase, you build up your stats by killing enemies. In the next phase, blast the enemies that have misspelled words! Be careful though, killing an enemy with a correctly spelled word will cause it to counterattack! At the end there is a boss: you can stand elemental tiles for extra attacks.
Coin by Namatsu
     A very simple one button game for the 1W1B2 contest.
Colony by coldacid
     A poor attempt at a sci-fi SimCity clone made back in my QuickBasic days.
Cong by robpers2003
     Yet another remake of Pong. This is my first game that I have made. I based this off of a game engine I created which seems to be working pretty well. Keeps track of score too. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
Console Combat 1 by Ceoddyn
     My first game, a text-based hack and slash portraying an ordinary man's ascent to the rank of Arena Champion.
CSRPG1 for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     A simple role-playing game engine developed for my high school class. Does not include the editors built for it, but includes a partially completed example game.
CSRPG2 for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Fun RPG/tactical hybrid featuring quirky story and lots of fun people to meet. If you can spot all of the TA references, you win a cookie.
CSRPG2 for Windows by Ravuya
     You are a computer science student summoned to Firetruck Rocketship University to tutor under the esteemed Dr. Questy. However, since computers haven't been invented yet, you are told to do increasingly moronic and menial tasks. You will do these tasks, and then report to Lord Rav in the East Castle for your diploma. You will enjoy these tasks.
D2 by ols
     OK, this is my first forage into programming a game. Its, in theory(!), a mix between Micro Machines (physics-wise) and Chase HQ (in that you have to chase the 'baddie'!). Play it, enjoy it, criticise it; its not quite finished, but wanted opinions... Oh, chase the BLUE car! It's currently refusing to tell people when they win, but I am working on this!!
Dark Age by Black Knight
     Dark Age is a single player role-playing game.The game is set in the world of Entaria and the player controls the character in 3rd person perspective.The game is played on large maps which are modified through the world editor.The world editor is included with the game so you can modify every aspect of the game with it. Website Dark Age
Deleted by Eleventy
Diamond Maze by TANSTAAFL
     Avoid the monsters, grab and use potions and keys, collect diamonds and deposit them in treasure chests. Then get out.
DirectX Simple Application by Dave
     This is a very basic framework that can be used as the foundation to a DirectX Application.
DirectX Tic Tac Toe by Dave
     This is a simple DirectX9 Tic Tac To game. There is UML design included, texture manager, factory pattern example, input manager and an organised render loop. Any problems please PM m
Disk Drive by jman2050
     A prototype of a new puzzle game in development for Windows. Twist and turn and switch your way to high scores!
Dodecahellspawn - Work in Progress by SiCrane
     Dodecahellspawn is a simulation of a puzzle similar to the famous Rubik's Cube. However, instead of a cube, the game is played with a dodecahedron, with six axes of rotation, which makes gameplay approximately a million times harder than the cube. The "hellspawn" portion of the game is, in fact, a reference to the difficulty of the game. (And has nothing to do with the pentagrams that appear all over the place.)
Druink Bomber by Evil Steve
     Another Bomberman clone. A few minor diferences between this and the original Bomberman though. First, you can walk over bombs that have been dropped, secondly, if a bomb detonates near to another bomb, it'll set up a chain reaction of bombs. Lastly, explosions can travel through walls
Electromagnetic Adventures by HopeDagger
     Electromagnetic Adventures (EMA) is a short, coffee-break calibre game written in the space of 24 consecutive hours. It features nine levels of increasing difficulty, with fun, intuitive gameplay.
Enemy Asteroids by EnemyBoss
     Atari's Asteroids was the most popular arcade game in the 80's, before pac-man fever hit the world. Clear the asteroid field by destroying all asteroids with your missiles. Some asteroids will break into fragments. Piloting the ship is challenging, as you will need to strategically use thrusters and steering capabilty, while anticipating inertia in space. Click here to play.
Enemy Breakout by EnemyBoss
     Enemy Breakout is a very simple clone of Atari 2600's Super Breakout. The objective is simple, score as many points as you can by breaking coloured bricks before all your lives run out. Destory all bricks to advance to the next level. Each time you clear a level, you gain an extra life. Click here to play.
Enemy Invaders by EnemyBoss
     Enemy Invaders is a clone of the first Arcade hit, Space Invaders '78. This game uses many more moving sprites than breakout, these include the alien invaders, the bombs, the bullets, the occasional UFO, and of course, the gunship itself. Click here to play.
Enemy Pong by EnemyBoss
     Atari's Pong was the first game to use a video display, hence its the first videogame. Included in this package is a pong clone for windows, and Java. Source code, and all other files are included too. To play, click here.
Enemy Sirtet by EnemyBoss
     Sirtet is Tetris spelled backwards, so guess what: This game is a Tetris clone. Tetris was invented in Russia, 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov. This game is implemented as an AWT based application, using buttons and custom lightweight components. Click here to play.
Epoch Star v0.91.07 by Battagline
     Epoch Star is a cross genre Epic Space Adventure / Space RPG in the spirit of older games such as Star Control II and Starflight.

-Explore Star Systems
-Meet Strange Aliens
-Outfit your ship with powerful weapons
-Train your crew
-Choose from hundreds of ships
-Combat with powerful Alien Races

Explosive BreakOut by a_insomniac
     It's Breakout, what else can be said. Although, a video is worth a thousand words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89wmC08a7q0
F.A.R.T. by Laz
     You are one man taking on an onslaught of maniacs coming at you full force in an attempt to kill you dead.
Falling Blocks by TyroWorks
     It's a game about groups of four blocks falling from the sky. Its your job to rotate them in order to create lines that will destroy them...
FallingSpheres by chronicle17
     This is a Tetris clone using spheres instead of squares.
FastBrowse by H_o_p_s
     A File Browsing Challenge
FD by eppo
     A little 3d arcade style shooter.
Federation Booker by MDickie
     Step backstage and experience the REAL world of professional wrestling! A 2D simulation of life in the business...
Foot Race, ms1 by capn_midnight
     Foot Race, milestone 1, graphics demo
Forays in XNA (Breakout) by dwarfsoft
     This is a clone of breakout done in C# and XNA. I didn't have any experience with C# or XNA before I started this, and I got this game done with about 10-12 hours of coding. It isn't polished, but its functional.
Freezer 2 for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Aliens are coming to eat everyone's brains! You, our intrepid hero, must therefore put the entire town on ice using the community's deep freezes and large stockpile of assault weaponry.
Freezer 2 for Windows by Ravuya
     Aliens are coming to eat everyone's brains! You, our intrepid hero, must therefore put the entire town on ice using the community's deep freezes and large stockpile of assault weaponry.
FTA by graveyard filla
     FTA combines action elements such as real time combat with a persistant and immersive cyberpunk world to thrust players into the role of a runner in the middle of urban decay. It is not a traditional MMORPG, and it is not an action game, rather it is a hybrid of action and RPG set in a persistent virtual world. Visit The Website for more details!
Galaxy Gladiator by Downer
     Ok, time to go shoot some roids, oh crap wait those arn't roids they are ships, well then this is gonna be more fun then.
Galaxy Gladiator 3D by Downer
     The 3D version of Galaxy Gladiator. Uses a vector based movement system allowing for slides, this is to give the player an edge over the otherwise pain in the arseish AI. Uses a SkySphere rather then Box so you cant see the edges. Also the HUD is a dynamically generated grid formed around the ship the Camera is chasing. Custome created particle systems, altho simple.
Gemstars by Mak
     Gemstars is a small twist on the standard "Match 3" puzzlers. You rotate a disc of coloured gems and drop matching gems in to break groups. When you do, they fall and create a Gemstar. Clearing cascades earns greater rewards, and achievements!
Generic Space Shooter 3000 (alpha) by Mithrandir
     A VERY simple space shooter game in the vein of Raptor. You go around shooting spaceships and collecting powerups.
Genesis: Origins by vetroXL
     Fast-paced and high-intensity third person space combat sim.
GeoCrafter V 0.5.0 by ManaStone
     Shape and decorate terrain and save it in a height map file. Saves a final texture map for the height map.
Glow for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Zombie-bashing, light roleplaying action. Improve your character as you descend into a technological hell while using high-tech weapons.
Glow for Windows by Ravuya
     Zombie-bashing, light roleplaying action. Improve your character as you descend into a technological hell while using high-tech weapons.
Goddess by Eddie Hicks
     This project contains one scene and one stand alone object
Graphical DOS Pong! by Crypter
     Use your mouse and try to fend from the atom escaping the reactor into the human world. You are the last of the heroic bloodline. ...Its a new Pong!
Guess the Vomit by Patbert
     Guess where the vomit lands.
GUI by Tera_Dragon
     A GUI library have been working on, which I intend to use in any future games I make.
GUI demo V1 by Programmer16
     This is the GUI system that I'm developing for my 4E5 entry.
Gundown by HopeDagger
     Gundown an oldschool arcade game at heart, where you must obliterate every soldier, ship, motorcycle or pixel that moves by controlling your artillery contraption. Use upgrades between rounds to beef up your firepower. Addictive!
  Hang Man by Xloner12
     V1.0 First Full version, this one has a few difficultys and is set to be a full version compared to my first submitting of hangman. Try out, I'll try to get some screen shots when i get time. My very first stand alone game. Writen In C++, Good Old Game of Hangman
Herman and the Falling Rocks by Colin Jeanne
     Herman, the adventurous guy that he is, was taking an afternoon walk in the mountain air when the mountain behind him exploded! Save him from the falling balls of lava!
Hiatus by Mushu
Hunt The Wumpus by johnhattan
     The original early-70's era text game "Hunt The Wumpus" converted from BASIC to C and compiled for Windows. Only 30k and every bit as pointless as it was 30 years ago.
Interlocken 2.0 - Deluxe by SDyer
     Learning to play Interlocken is simple. Just click on the colorful tiles, pushing them down. Flatten them all and you've solved the puzzle! Some have said this game is too hard. Can you solve it?

--> Please leave feedback on your impressions. Thanks!
Invasion by Stompy9999
     Invasion is a Turn Based Strategy game I have been developing for about a month now. The game is modeled after the advance wars series of games, but plays somewhat like a table-top strategy game.
Invasion: Fall of Man by Programmer16
     Aliens are invading. You're there to stop them. 'Nuff said. [this is an early demo/test]
ItchyRoids by JTippetts
     OpenGL-based asteroids rip-off. Shoot big, floating rocks and collect weapon powerups (Blaster for rapid-fire, Megaton for insta-destruction of rocks), Invincibility (short-duration), Shield (to restore energy to shields) and Point powerups to aid in your quest to eliminate all asteroids from the sector. Which can't really happen, because as far as I can tell there seems to be an unlimited supply.
J Man (pacman clone) by foursticksj
     Its just like pacman, with a few twists. This is my second completed game using directx (first was tic tac toe). Its pretty easy to outsmart the ghosts, but there are 5, so dont get yourself trapped!
Jack and his beanstalk by markr
     It's a platform game. Guide Jack to the exit, avoiding spikes, using your magic beans to grow stalks to climb up. The magic beans can be planted in suitable locations on the map to grow into beanstalks, which Jack can climb. Watch out for the giant. This game was written for LD48 No. 7 in less than 48 hours during the weekend of 10th - 11th December 2005.
Jailbreak by Stephen R
     You've just busted out of your cell deep inside the maximum-security state pen. Use your brain and the occasional shop-class booby-trap to outwit legions of correctional officers and make your way to freedom.
JetLag 2003 by TANSTAAFL
     Highly addictive scrolly text game that will have you playing in your sleep. Music that gets into your head. Really spiffy ASCII graphics.
Kentis (OLD) by kentcb
     THIS SUBMISSION IS OUT OF DATE. See http://kentb.blogspot.com/2008/12/kentis.html for the latest version.
KingMe! Granite Edition by modemancer
     Icon-based strategy board game based on Checkers, but with a few rules twists. A nice, waste-a-bit-of-time diversion game.
Knight's Challenge by TANSTAAFL
     Move the knight by clicking the mouse on a highlighted board square. You win when you have moved to all of the squares.
Lunar Rift v1.0.2 by Jason Z
     Lunar Rift takes the best features of two different genres - the action of an FPS and the strategy of an RTS - and combines them into one package. Two modes of gameplay are provided for variety: Real-Time and Turn-Based - which will you like better???
Machine Gun Man by Samith
     You're a little man with a machine gun and you shoot everything that moves.
MacMan II by Scet
     It's everyone's favourite game...Pac-Man!, but in 3D and with a different name.
Mafia Classic by mafiaclassic
     mafia game built in php / mysql and flash.
Magma Duel by HopeDagger
     Magma Duel is a 2-player game whereas your objective is to destroy the opposing player, whether by knocking him into the boiling magma below, or by making use of the 9 nifty powerups available randomly floating around the level. Each round the level is generated by the computer based on modifiable (see Options) values. A new feel each time!
MANDALA by jazzuo
     this game is a winner of Gamedev.net twoview competition and now it comes in finished version to youu.this is and combination of puzzle maze and platform game. you have to use yur brain and wtch everything carefully, use good slow thinking and fast reaction aswell, you need to be dextrous in movements aswell. You have to use up all your sences in maximum.
Maul Ball by Stephen R
     You are disco-loving Leroy! Put on your white flares, comb your afro till it's bigger than you and smash some zombies!
Maverick Ventura: The Hopeless Chaos Vault by Rixter
     YOU are Maverick Ventura, and you wife has been KIDNAPPED! Set out on a ridiculously dangerous adventure to get her back from...whoever did this.
Membrane Massacre by HopeDagger
     Take on the role of a microscopic space fighter equipped with several powerful weapons, in a dynamic descructable environment teeming with deadly enemy cells (with realistic physics)!
Memory Game by TANSTAAFL
     I found this on an old CD-ROM backup. I wrote it a few years back. To change the players, click on the upper left and upper right icons, select the difficulty level(the computers with the numbers on them) or a human player(the mouse) and then hit escape. To bring up the menu, press escape during the game.
Meteorites by HopeDagger
     Blast away lethal meteorites, fry flying saucers and fly REALLY fast! What could be more enticing?
Michael Jackson: Wrestling With The Truth by MDickie
     Hailed as a rare example of games as "expression", this wrestling spin-off lends some much needed support to Michael Jackson amidst the latest allegations...
MIDI Keyboard (OSX) by H_o_p_s
     MIDI Keyboard has been developed so that if there is no hardware MIDI controller attached to your computer you may still be able to have a MIDI input device. Often you can attach to a system default software synth, enabling for realtime playback of music.
MIDI Keyboard (PC) by H_o_p_s
     MIDI Keyboard has been developed so that if there is no hardware MIDI controller attached to your computer you may still be able to have a MIDI input device. Often you can attach to a system default software synth, enabling for realtime playback of music.
Miner8009er by deerslyr1
     You are a miner in training. Finish as quick as possible, but also design the perfect ship to fly through the mines of "wherever."
Mini Breakout by Asheh
     Destroy all the blocks in the field, without losing all your balls.
Mop of Destiny by Drilian
     Mop of Destiny is the story of Jack Scroggins, caretaker of the Palace of Westminster, and his completely unavoidable quest to defeat a suddenly-invading army of shadow creatures. Unfortunately for Jack, and likely the world, he must fight his way through hordes of shadows armed only with a mop and a semi-standard array of janitorial supplies.
Morning's Wrath DEMO by EDI
     Morning's Wrath is a Classic Adventure / RPG fusion. It combines rich story and puzzles with intense melee and spell-casting combat. Assume the role of Princess Morning of the Leowyn Kingdom and guide her on a quest to master the ways of magic and save her kingdom from invasion.

Get the FULL version!

1.3 patch(requires installed demo)
Mortal Konsole by noaktree
     PONG/Mortal Kombat clone for the Game Boy Advance. Choose from over 51 available game consoles. Compete in a 5 level tournament against the computer. Kill your opponent with fatalities.
Muffins by Ravuya
     A Bomberman clone based on speed and bomb-spam rather than skill and strategy. Features interesting art and wacky sound effects.
Muffins for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     A Bomberman clone based on speed and bomb-spam rather than skill and strategy. Features interesting art and wacky sound effects.
Nanodude by Stephen R
     Nanodude is an intense, stripped-down 2D shoot-em-up where you must blast legions of reproducing virus cells and other microscopic nasties.
Nibbles by fortia
     You "are" a snake. The goal is to catch as many apples as possible while not bumping into a wall or bite yourself in the tail.
Obelisk Blocks by Blodyavenger
     Classic game of tetris placed into egyptian times, where obelisks were rising for their gods. Build your obelisk and be the best! It's the first game that I've released and finished.
One Player Pong by 3dmodelerguy
     This is just my first "complete" OpenGL app. if you have any cemment or ideas i could add beside 2 player plus give them.
Orc by Aardvajk
     Classic avoid-em-up action and the destruction of cardboard boxes in this retro platformer. Can you defeat Level Four?
Otostaz by Lab-Rat
     George the alien is misunderstood. Everyone thinks he is out to destroy our cities. But he is simply trying to make pretty cities for people to live in. Help George by placing trees, water and soil onto the landscape, creating pleasant surroundings for people to construct their buildings. Can you encourage them to build all the way to skyscrapers? Try in this adictive arcade puzzler.
PAC38 V1.3 by meix
     My very own Pac-Man clone, somewhat of a remake of the Odyssey²-game 'Munchkin'. Please tell me what you think!
Pangea - The Beginning by jochenstier
     This is a prototype of a space game under development by Geist Software Labs. The demo consists of a very large environment containing two procedural planets as well as few avatars, vehicles, a shuttle, a space station and star gates. The graphics engine supports seamless transition between any two points in the environment and you can use different objects to fly, walk or drive around.
Particle System Editor by Evil Steve
     A simple particle system editor which can import/export .ini files to load/save settings. Designed to drop into any game. Source Code availiable here
Phill the Hungry Sheep by diablo_tk
     You star as Phill you happens to be a very hungry sheep. As he was having one of his daily strolls he came across a crab farm and decided he would like to eat some tasty crabs.
Pierre and the Fish (1W1B2) by Trapper Zoid
     Pierre is piloting a submarine in the depths of the SeedWeed Sea to collect specimen for study. Beware the Fish! The Fish likes to eat oceanographers, especially in submarines. As Pierre, collect as many of the little red fishies as you can before you are lunch!
Pirate Burninator! by DukeAtreides076
     Burnination! The pirates must be burned with your burninating power.
Piscenian Revolution by jarthur
Pong and 1 Paragraph of History by Samith
     PONG! YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS! Comes with up to five whole minutes of genuine entertainment! Play with a friend or by yourself!
Pong! by Evil Steve
     What needs to be said - It's pong!
Pong-Man by Degra
     The fusion of two classic games to create a new, addictive arcade title. Move Pac-Man around the arena to collect the yellow stars while avoiding the evil steel balls!
Ponged by PennstateLion
     Basic 1 and 2 player pong game with AI, let me know any suggestions or comments! no nice graphics like my Tetrixed game, friend couldnt help
Postfix Notation Calculator by H_o_p_s
     A Postfix Notation Calculator
Project Paladin (alpha) by EvDaedalus
     Extreme alpha version of my first person hack-n-slash RPG!
Prompt Critical by syn_9
     Prompt Critical is a space shooter with beautiful visuals, a pounding soundtrack and frenetic gameplay. 100% guaranteed to woop your butt like oldschool gameplay should.
Psycho Boy 3D (beta) by Patbert
     Similar to Paper Boy for the Amiga except instead of throwing papers you throw bricks in full 3D. Includes the old favourites (dogs, cars, unexplained ramps) plus some new obstacles (nuclear power plants, falling trees, bouncy castles, ice, snowmen etc).
Q-Bix by superlubo
     Q-Bix Game is based on the classic Tetris gameplay, though there are inovative features included that provide new and enchanced style of play. Erase your rows and assemble new Cubix Forms, utilize the 3 completely different bonuses to get your score as high as possible!
Quad Bar - Online Scored, 3D Arcade Game by DrSizzla
     Challenge yourself to some mouse co-ordinated, ball bouncing, score rising, arcade fun.
Quadris by PumpkinPieman
     A Tetris clone with piece trailing and interchangable themes.
Radical Racers by Rixter
     A simple 2D overhead racing game, very unrealistic but hopefully fun! Race to earn money to buy cars and upgrade parts to become the world champion! Partly done, partly a work in progress. Listen to the testamonial!
rBlocks by Rob Loach
     A remake of the all-time classic Tetris game. The first of its kind on the new GDNet Showcase. This version includes great graphics and progressively difficult levels. There was an online highscore list, but sadly I had to take it off my server. Enjoy!
Retro Asteroids by Jesse_P
     another remake of Atari Asteroids.
Reversi by TANSTAAFL
     The game of Reversi, commonly known as Othello.
RiSiP by volking
     Game is FULLY FUNCTIONAL for 1-6 players gathered around one keyboard. It still needs work for P2P across the web. Rock-Sizzors-Paper taken to the ultimate! ALPHA version release - Partially working stuff is ok here, right? Well, web P2P isn't working yet and posting strategies to RiSiP web central ain't even started. But the game is still interesting.
Robo Slots by Battagline
     This is a Flash Video Slot Game I developed to help hone my vector arts skills. There is also an online version available: Casino Game
  Robot University v 1.13 by puz
     A simple-rule block-fitting puzzle that awakens untapped powers of your right brain and discovers the visual genius in you.
RPG Battle Engine V1a (build 3) by rpg_code_master
     This is an evolutionary project. It creates a basic RPG battle engine, then moves onto more advanced engines. Compare FFI to FFX. That is how this project will advance.
RPG Style Sample by prashh
     RPG sample all done in flash.
RuneStone by chadmeyers
     Falling block puzzle game. Make connections and remove key blocks. Do combos for added points. Earn bomb blocks to blow up your mistakes and help free up the key blocks for another try.
RunningTracker by capn_midnight
     Graph your progress in distance running. An excellent incentive to keep to your running schedule!
Shape Invaderz! v1.0 24 HOUR GAME (64kb FTW!!!!!!) by tonechild
     A space invaders clone that uses programming code to create all of the graphics. As such, the game is right at 64kb!!!!
Showdown IRC by capn_midnight
     Have you ever argued with someone over IRC? Well, now you can settle the dispute with a quick gun duel. Showdown IRC is a basic IRC client with an extra command for settling disputes.
Sidescroller by markr
     A competition entry for a recent 48 hour competition. Full source code included in zip with win32 exe. Builds in Linux and Windows.
Simpsons Quick Click by Verg
     Ever wanted to blast the hell out of "The Simpsons" cartoon characters? Well, we do too. But this game isn't like that. Test your Simpsons knowledge and dexterity!
SLICE:Sudden Ludicrous Invasion Counterforce Elite by Herb3
     A science fiction epic: use your wits to harness the power of multiple weapons in a robotic war to end all robotic wars, cadet.
Sloplifter (Win32) by Ravuya
     Entertaining one-button game featuring a flying pig in some demented pseudo-Soviet land, collecting apples and beating down the facist frying pans.
Sloplifter OSX by Ravuya
     Entertaining one-button game featuring a flying pig in some demented pseudo-Soviet land, collecting apples and beating down the facist frying pans.
     Control the snake with the arrow keys to eat the pellets! As more pellets are eaten, the snake grows! If the snake hits itself or a wall, it's game over!
Snake.Net by Scet
     A Snake clone done using C# and MDX. I tried to make it interesting by allowing the user to change the snake's colour, speed and growth. Also included are three maps and four tile sets.
Space Alien Invaders by Battagline
     Space Invaders like arcade style space shooter done in Flash. Similar to Alien Invaders Attack.
space invaders! by Jesse_P
     2 versions of my SPACE INVADERS remake: one with the semy-original space invaders graphics and one with galaga graphics.
Space Pizza by PerO
     Take the role of a pizza delivery driver in the space age. Gameplay is very similar to Gravity Force but without the shooting.
SpaceBallz by xtBones
     Welcome to SpaceBallz! Take control of your very own starfighter and shoot wave upon wave of incoming Spaceballz to help defend planet earth. But be careful, enemy spaceships are on the loose!!!
Star Reaver by Battagline
     Prepare to defend your ship from swarms of dive bombing alien space invaders. The swarms will start out small, and gradually gain in number until your screen is filled with attacking aliens.
StarGen v1.5 by capn_midnight
     Generates pseudo random starfields. Source code included.
SteelGolem's Tic Tac Toe by SteelGolem
     Just another Tic Tac Toe game.
Stompy by Stompy9999
     This is the game I've been making with 1d Productions. It is based off the classic game robotron 2084, and as such, is a game about shooting lots of stuff and not being hit yourself.
Stompy's Revenge by Stompy9999
     The once great superhero Commander Awesome has become a villian. He has enlisted the aid of various evil-doers, in a plot to conquer the world. Now, when all hope appears lost, only Commander Awesome's ex-sidekick can save us...Stompy!
Sudoku Solver (OSX) by Patbert
     About: Solves most sudokus in less than a second and features open and save, copy and paste, three different themes, and 36 premade sudokus (from easy to evil). Includes source.
Sudoku Solver (Windows) by Patbert
     Solves most sudokus in less than a second and features open and save, copy and paste, three different themes, and 36 premade sudokus (from easy to evil). Includes source.
Super Breaker - a breakout clone by PennstateLion
     This is a basic breakout clone that is still in beta version. I am looking for some feedback so I can improve it.
  Sure Shot by MDickie
     Hailed as a "gem" by PC Utilties magazine, Sure Shot is one of the most innovative games to ever fire a bullet!
Swing the Cat by Patbert
     You (the cat) must collect the fish, avoid the mines and squish the dogs through 7 levels while being swung by a knight.
TA Contest Entry - Not Xenon II by Evil Steve
     A vertical scrolling space shooter, suspiciously similar to Xenon II. My first completed DirectX game.
Tank Supremacy by Jesse_P
     This is a tank elimination game. destroy all tanks to finish game
Tanks by Stagz
     Tanks game for a java enabled Nokia phone.
Tetris Clone by Lab-Rat
     It seems that everyone does a Tetris (or Pacman, or Asteroids, or Snake) clone when they start out as a learning exercise, and I am no exception. There’s no exploding blocks, or ice world, or super power ups this is just a back-to-basics falling-block tidying-up game.
TetriX by LamerGamer
     It's Tetris! Well... TetriX: the classic game loved by many. This is my first completed game ever. Please let me know what you think of it. Be nice though :)
Tetrixed by PennstateLion
     This is your standard Tetris clone. This was my first graphics based game after learning C++.
The Adventures of Blocky Man by Stompy9999
     After defending Blocky World from the Round World Invasion, Blocky Man must travel across the galaxy to hit the Round Menace where they live. "The Adventures of Blocky Man" is a 2D Jump and Run Platformer with 10 levels and a level editor for creating custom levels.
The Adventures of Bobo by Kuro
     The Adventures of Bobo is an addictive puzzle game with nearly 50 challenging levels. You play as Bobo, a little blue guy who has set out to find the legendary sword to protect his village from the dark wizard. Based on the classic NES game, "Adventures of Lolo".
  The Adventures of Felix Fox - Tandem Tales by AntiGuy
     A small Beat-em-up/ Platformer/ Adventure title featuring a fox named Felix. The series in essense is supposed to rely on quick reflex and thinking as opposed to complete hacking and slashing. This is a sort of a light version of whats to come.
The Adventures of Space Man Stewie by Brandon N
     This was a game developed with Nasmw and Alink as a term project for an x86 Assembly course. I plan to add features to it as my free time provides.
The Champion of Dirospear V.1.2.2 by ManaStone
     The champion of Dirospear is a game in which the city of Dirospear is being attack by orcs and skeletons. The main objective is to protect the cities from the invaders by going into their cities and killing their leaders. Once that is finished, the game is over and the player wins. The player can lose by either getting killed or when all of the city guards die.
The Griffon Legend by syn9
     500 years after the Griffon-Dragon war, the Dragons have returned to reclaim their emipre. Cities are falling, everyone is dieing, and the lone Griffon Knight Fayne is caught up in the middle of it all.
The Hacky Sack Game by noaktree
     The Hacky Sack Game challenges your ability to think and respond quickly as you become the world's ultimate hacky sack champion. Choose from multiple characters, levels, and footbags to win trophies, experience, and abilities. Includes an editor for making your own footbags and adding new character skins.
The Lost Realm of Anoria by Anorian
     This is a tech preview of The Lost Realm of Anoria, an MMO project designed to create heavily story driven gameplay within a classic fantasy world setting. Anoria has a deep and detailed back story and we want to make the player experience the game as one long adventure within the framework of a meaningful story.
The TA Towers 1.0b by Pouya
     The game is about placing different kinds of towers across the map and upgrading them to stop the enemy tanks from killing your people. ©2007 by Pouya Larjani
Thief in the Night by DavidNeal
     Use your wall running, wall jumping, and stealth walking skills to avoid detection while collecting all of the hidden items in the mansion before the timer countdown reaches zero. Guards will shoot you if they detect you. If they hit you three times, you will loose time!
Tic Tac Toe by TyroWorks
     It's you versus the computer in an action packed game of Tic Tac Toe...
Tic Tac Toe by Emmanuel Deloget
     Once upon a time, tic was fighting tac on a toe. As they were the Great Wirms, they fought during eight hundred years all over the world. Tic finally won when he used his dragon fire to spot three aligned big circles on tac's skin. To celebrate this, I created this small game. Really. yes.
Tic Tac Toe by lethalhamster
     This is my first game. It's all text based. You can play against a friend or yourself. I'll work on the computer A.I. later.
Tic Tac Toe by capn_midnight
     Knoughts and Crosses, as it is called by heathens.
TiPong (.Net) by Etherstar
     It's pong programmed in C#, source inlcuded.
Trailers and Voice Over by trailervoice
     I can record your videogame trailer or voice acting voiceover right away - Email me for details: adambehr@earthlink.net or visit www.adambehr.com
Trash - RTS by Mark Currie
     Trash is a real-time strategy game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where two distinct races battle for domination. Players choose to be either humans or mutants, and they gather wasteland resources, such as trash and toxic waste to build combat units. The design of Trash focuses on multiplayer on-line play, where games can consist of up to 24 players simultaneously.
  Trick Tac Toe by jasong
     This is my first program that Ive made. It was simply a way to put into practice some of the things Ive learned. Its a much more confusing version of Tic Tac Toe.
Uber Maze Escape!!111oen1!!!!1 by The Forgotten Mindset
     Beat Neil Diamond's high score and race to the finish as fast as you can! But be aware of the super sneaky winding paths that lie ahead!
ubersnail by sprite_hound
     My first ever game. Based vaguely on the Acorn game Supersnail. Definitely a work in progress (only, not so much of the "progress" any more).
Vector Art (Black Jack Game) by Battagline
     Ok, it's only a black jack game... but I'm really impressed by my improvements as a vector artist.
Veteran Yard Wars v0.9.8 by deurrific
     You play the grandson of an old war veteran who has serious problems with his neighbour. The evil neighbour keeps firing bombs to your grandfather's beautiful yard. You have to collect some bombs, so they can be used to blow up the wall that keeps the neighbour safe from a can o` whoop @$$!! Make sure that neither the yard nor grandfather will be hit by the bombs!!
Video Poker - Jacks or Better by Battagline
     Online Video Poker game written in Flash. Can be played via download or on the Casino Games & Slots web site.
Virtual Reality Chat by boto
     VRC is a 3D chat application available for Win32 and Linux platforms. It supports voice chat and an own simple chat protocol and IRC.
  Vivid War by kylecrass
     Destroy all enemy ships! Find and utilize weapons of mass destruction! Plays 100% from internet browser, no need to install anything! Play Vivid War Now!
War of the Roses v2 by rick_appleton
     War of the Roses is a two player, turn-based strategy game. Players try to create as large as possible connected fields, while keeping the opponent from doing the same. Now includes Single Player mode.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by Degra
     The classic TV game show has been transformed into an educational PowerPoint-powered game. Complete with authentic music and sound effects. Design your own show using the Question Set Editor - powered by Microsoft Excel.
Yet Another Reversi by TANSTAAFL
     Also on the CD-ROM backup, I found this. This is the first game I wrote after learning DirectDraw back in 1998. This was done with a palettized primary surface, so the screenshot didn't work so well, so I used the tileset as the screenshot.
Zirconia 2: Battle, version 1.1 by xaver
     2 players are playing 2D-shooters: you on the left and the computer opponent on the right. You can't interact directly with your opponent, but you use cards to spawn enemies, hazards, and other effects on its side. The object of the game is to make your opponent lose all its health! At first, the computer AI is not smart at all, but it gets harder as you progress.
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