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Game Development Showcase
Admiral Overalls by HopeDagger
     Move over, Commander Keen! Admiral Overalls is a refreshing 2D retro-themed platformer of comedic proportions. Evade deadly foes while wielding your fearsome slingshot loaded with tomatoes!
C.F.L. : Conquest For Love V0.25 Demo by DecipherOne
     This actually is v0.25, sorry for the mix up before. Journey through the town of SpAnkeny Iowa on a quest for love. As a teenage boy about to leave highschool and embark into the world, you and some friends have made an all too familair pact to see who can get the most tail.
Captain Earth by MeganetStudios
     Fly with Captain Earth Save the Earth and Universe
Castle by Eddie Hicks
     Small project containing 10 different areas and several characters. Each character will converse with the user through text and has a small HTML file linked to them.
Hunt The Wumpus by johnhattan
     The original early-70's era text game "Hunt The Wumpus" converted from BASIC to C and compiled for Windows. Only 30k and every bit as pointless as it was 30 years ago.
Maverick Ventura: The Hopeless Chaos Vault by Rixter
     YOU are Maverick Ventura, and you wife has been KIDNAPPED! Set out on a ridiculously dangerous adventure to get her back from...whoever did this.
Morning's Wrath DEMO by EDI
     Morning's Wrath is a Classic Adventure / RPG fusion. It combines rich story and puzzles with intense melee and spell-casting combat. Assume the role of Princess Morning of the Leowyn Kingdom and guide her on a quest to master the ways of magic and save her kingdom from invasion.

Get the FULL version!

1.3 patch(requires installed demo)
Project Paladin (alpha) by EvDaedalus
     Extreme alpha version of my first person hack-n-slash RPG!
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