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Game Development Showcase
Boot Sector Tic-Tac-Toe (V2) by Extrarius
     Tic-Tac-Toe fit to be placed in the boot sector of a floppy. Playable on any 386 or compatible - OS doesn't matter since it can run without one.
DirectX Simple Application by Dave
     This is a very basic framework that can be used as the foundation to a DirectX Application.
Forays in XNA (Breakout) by dwarfsoft
     This is a clone of breakout done in C# and XNA. I didn't have any experience with C# or XNA before I started this, and I got this game done with about 10-12 hours of coding. It isn't polished, but its functional.
Herman and the Falling Rocks by Colin Jeanne
     Herman, the adventurous guy that he is, was taking an afternoon walk in the mountain air when the mountain behind him exploded! Save him from the falling balls of lava!
Memory Game by TANSTAAFL
     I found this on an old CD-ROM backup. I wrote it a few years back. To change the players, click on the upper left and upper right icons, select the difficulty level(the computers with the numbers on them) or a human player(the mouse) and then hit escape. To bring up the menu, press escape during the game.
Mini Breakout by Asheh
     Destroy all the blocks in the field, without losing all your balls.
Mortal Konsole by noaktree
     PONG/Mortal Kombat clone for the Game Boy Advance. Choose from over 51 available game consoles. Compete in a 5 level tournament against the computer. Kill your opponent with fatalities.
Reversi by TANSTAAFL
     The game of Reversi, commonly known as Othello.
RiSiP by volking
     Game is FULLY FUNCTIONAL for 1-6 players gathered around one keyboard. It still needs work for P2P across the web. Rock-Sizzors-Paper taken to the ultimate! ALPHA version release - Partially working stuff is ok here, right? Well, web P2P isn't working yet and posting strategies to RiSiP web central ain't even started. But the game is still interesting.
Robo Slots by Battagline
     This is a Flash Video Slot Game I developed to help hone my vector arts skills. There is also an online version available: Casino Game
SteelGolem's Tic Tac Toe by SteelGolem
     Just another Tic Tac Toe game.
Tic Tac Toe by Emmanuel Deloget
     Once upon a time, tic was fighting tac on a toe. As they were the Great Wirms, they fought during eight hundred years all over the world. Tic finally won when he used his dragon fire to spot three aligned big circles on tac's skin. To celebrate this, I created this small game. Really. yes.
Tic Tac Toe by lethalhamster
     This is my first game. It's all text based. You can play against a friend or yourself. I'll work on the computer A.I. later.
Tic Tac Toe by capn_midnight
     Knoughts and Crosses, as it is called by heathens.
TiPong (.Net) by Etherstar
     It's pong programmed in C#, source inlcuded.
Vector Art (Black Jack Game) by Battagline
     Ok, it's only a black jack game... but I'm really impressed by my improvements as a vector artist.
Virtual Reality Chat by boto
     VRC is a 3D chat application available for Win32 and Linux platforms. It supports voice chat and an own simple chat protocol and IRC.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire by Degra
     The classic TV game show has been transformed into an educational PowerPoint-powered game. Complete with authentic music and sound effects. Design your own show using the Question Set Editor - powered by Microsoft Excel.
Yet Another Reversi by TANSTAAFL
     Also on the CD-ROM backup, I found this. This is the first game I wrote after learning DirectDraw back in 1998. This was done with a palettized primary surface, so the screenshot didn't work so well, so I used the tileset as the screenshot.
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