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Game Development Showcase
CSRPG1 for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     A simple role-playing game engine developed for my high school class. Does not include the editors built for it, but includes a partially completed example game.
CSRPG2 for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Fun RPG/tactical hybrid featuring quirky story and lots of fun people to meet. If you can spot all of the TA references, you win a cookie.
FastBrowse by H_o_p_s
     A File Browsing Challenge
Freezer 2 for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Aliens are coming to eat everyone's brains! You, our intrepid hero, must therefore put the entire town on ice using the community's deep freezes and large stockpile of assault weaponry.
Glow for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Zombie-bashing, light roleplaying action. Improve your character as you descend into a technological hell while using high-tech weapons.
MIDI Keyboard (OSX) by H_o_p_s
     MIDI Keyboard has been developed so that if there is no hardware MIDI controller attached to your computer you may still be able to have a MIDI input device. Often you can attach to a system default software synth, enabling for realtime playback of music.
Muffins for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     A Bomberman clone based on speed and bomb-spam rather than skill and strategy. Features interesting art and wacky sound effects.
Sloplifter OSX by Ravuya
     Entertaining one-button game featuring a flying pig in some demented pseudo-Soviet land, collecting apples and beating down the facist frying pans.
Sudoku Solver (OSX) by Patbert
     About: Solves most sudokus in less than a second and features open and save, copy and paste, three different themes, and 36 premade sudokus (from easy to evil). Includes source.
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