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Game Development Showcase
0% by valles
     A 2d game for the 4E competition. It's not much on fun, but I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to improve it.
3D Tank Attack "UPDATED" by Prog101
     Game Pitch: Navigate the tank through 5 levels to collect all the flags. But you will have to be alert as there is an enemy Tank added each level and Robots with missile launchers on the top of the towers, plus watch out for that fog as it will make you disoriented.
Ad Astra by chapmast
     Ad Astra is an open-ended Space Exploration game inspired by games such as Elite or Privateer. Features : 110,000+ Real Stars - Fractal Planets - Procedural Flora and Fauna - Lots of Weapons - Lots of Spacecraft
Alien Invaders Attack by Battagline
     A quick little space invaders style shooter game I pulled together to learn Dark Basic, and use some ship models I built for my game Epoch Star
Alpha Blast v100 by Jason Z
     Alpha Blast is a 2D shooter rendered with 3D models using OpenGL. It features realistic physics for the player model as it moves over a Quadratic B-Spline generated terrain! That translates into you having fun with the game!
Angels 20 Demo v 0.9.9(ish) by Sir Sapo
     Angels 20 is a throwback to the original Wings of Fury. Fly your plane off of the Aircraft Carrier, and destroy your enemy.
Army of Minos by EvDaedalus
     A tank-battle action game where you must battle the Army of Minos and complete your mission objectives to advance to the next level. Search each level for secret powerups and new weapons!
Asteriods 3D by Tera_Dragon
     My first game/engine attepmt.
Blastoids by Rob Loach
     An enhanced version of the classic game: Asteroids. Control your ship, destroying asteroids, gaining points, getting powerups and progressing through levels.
Block Blaster by capn_midnight
     a bunch of rings are coming after you, the hopping block. Shoot them down quickly.
Blocky Man by Stompy9999
     Blocky Man is a simple yet fun sidescroller in the tradition of Super Mario Brothers. Colorful programmer art and midi video game music accompany this truely old school platformer.
Blumenmacht (Version 2.1b) by urs
     Blumenmacht is a unique mixture of shoot'em up and memory gameplay. The nonviolent game has a colourful flowerpower theme. It comes with a short tutorial. You can play nine levels on three different difficulty settings.
Bravehorse by HandCraftedRadio
     The Pony Princess has been captured by horrible monsters. You are the only horse brave enough to enter their territory alone and face them head on, in an attempt to rescue her.
Cognizance v1.0 by xaver
     Cognizance is a horizontal shooter game that combines a traditional shooter with puzzle and RPG elements. In the first phase, you build up your stats by killing enemies. In the next phase, blast the enemies that have misspelled words! Be careful though, killing an enemy with a correctly spelled word will cause it to counterattack! At the end there is a boss: you can stand elemental tiles for extra attacks.
Deleted by Eleventy
Diamond Maze by TANSTAAFL
     Avoid the monsters, grab and use potions and keys, collect diamonds and deposit them in treasure chests. Then get out.
F.A.R.T. by Laz
     You are one man taking on an onslaught of maniacs coming at you full force in an attempt to kill you dead.
Freezer 2 for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Aliens are coming to eat everyone's brains! You, our intrepid hero, must therefore put the entire town on ice using the community's deep freezes and large stockpile of assault weaponry.
Freezer 2 for Windows by Ravuya
     Aliens are coming to eat everyone's brains! You, our intrepid hero, must therefore put the entire town on ice using the community's deep freezes and large stockpile of assault weaponry.
Genesis: Origins by vetroXL
     Fast-paced and high-intensity third person space combat sim.
GeoCrafter V 0.5.0 by ManaStone
     Shape and decorate terrain and save it in a height map file. Saves a final texture map for the height map.
Glow for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     Zombie-bashing, light roleplaying action. Improve your character as you descend into a technological hell while using high-tech weapons.
Glow for Windows by Ravuya
     Zombie-bashing, light roleplaying action. Improve your character as you descend into a technological hell while using high-tech weapons.
GUI by Tera_Dragon
     A GUI library have been working on, which I intend to use in any future games I make.
GUI demo V1 by Programmer16
     This is the GUI system that I'm developing for my 4E5 entry.
Jack and his beanstalk by markr
     It's a platform game. Guide Jack to the exit, avoiding spikes, using your magic beans to grow stalks to climb up. The magic beans can be planted in suitable locations on the map to grow into beanstalks, which Jack can climb. Watch out for the giant. This game was written for LD48 No. 7 in less than 48 hours during the weekend of 10th - 11th December 2005.
Jailbreak by Stephen R
     You've just busted out of your cell deep inside the maximum-security state pen. Use your brain and the occasional shop-class booby-trap to outwit legions of correctional officers and make your way to freedom.
JetLag 2003 by TANSTAAFL
     Highly addictive scrolly text game that will have you playing in your sleep. Music that gets into your head. Really spiffy ASCII graphics.
Mafia Classic by mafiaclassic
     mafia game built in php / mysql and flash.
Maul Ball by Stephen R
     You are disco-loving Leroy! Put on your white flares, comb your afro till it's bigger than you and smash some zombies!
Membrane Massacre by HopeDagger
     Take on the role of a microscopic space fighter equipped with several powerful weapons, in a dynamic descructable environment teeming with deadly enemy cells (with realistic physics)!
Mop of Destiny by Drilian
     Mop of Destiny is the story of Jack Scroggins, caretaker of the Palace of Westminster, and his completely unavoidable quest to defeat a suddenly-invading army of shadow creatures. Unfortunately for Jack, and likely the world, he must fight his way through hordes of shadows armed only with a mop and a semi-standard array of janitorial supplies.
Muffins by Ravuya
     A Bomberman clone based on speed and bomb-spam rather than skill and strategy. Features interesting art and wacky sound effects.
Muffins for Mac OS X by Ravuya
     A Bomberman clone based on speed and bomb-spam rather than skill and strategy. Features interesting art and wacky sound effects.
Nanodude by Stephen R
     Nanodude is an intense, stripped-down 2D shoot-em-up where you must blast legions of reproducing virus cells and other microscopic nasties.
Pierre and the Fish (1W1B2) by Trapper Zoid
     Pierre is piloting a submarine in the depths of the SeedWeed Sea to collect specimen for study. Beware the Fish! The Fish likes to eat oceanographers, especially in submarines. As Pierre, collect as many of the little red fishies as you can before you are lunch!
Prompt Critical by syn_9
     Prompt Critical is a space shooter with beautiful visuals, a pounding soundtrack and frenetic gameplay. 100% guaranteed to woop your butt like oldschool gameplay should.
RPG Battle Engine V1a (build 3) by rpg_code_master
     This is an evolutionary project. It creates a basic RPG battle engine, then moves onto more advanced engines. Compare FFI to FFX. That is how this project will advance.
SLICE:Sudden Ludicrous Invasion Counterforce Elite by Herb3
     A science fiction epic: use your wits to harness the power of multiple weapons in a robotic war to end all robotic wars, cadet.
Stompy by Stompy9999
     This is the game I've been making with 1d Productions. It is based off the classic game robotron 2084, and as such, is a game about shooting lots of stuff and not being hit yourself.
Stompy's Revenge by Stompy9999
     The once great superhero Commander Awesome has become a villian. He has enlisted the aid of various evil-doers, in a plot to conquer the world. Now, when all hope appears lost, only Commander Awesome's ex-sidekick can save us...Stompy!
  Sure Shot by MDickie
     Hailed as a "gem" by PC Utilties magazine, Sure Shot is one of the most innovative games to ever fire a bullet!
Tanks by Stagz
     Tanks game for a java enabled Nokia phone.
The Adventures of Blocky Man by Stompy9999
     After defending Blocky World from the Round World Invasion, Blocky Man must travel across the galaxy to hit the Round Menace where they live. "The Adventures of Blocky Man" is a 2D Jump and Run Platformer with 10 levels and a level editor for creating custom levels.
  The Adventures of Felix Fox - Tandem Tales by AntiGuy
     A small Beat-em-up/ Platformer/ Adventure title featuring a fox named Felix. The series in essense is supposed to rely on quick reflex and thinking as opposed to complete hacking and slashing. This is a sort of a light version of whats to come.
The Adventures of Space Man Stewie by Brandon N
     This was a game developed with Nasmw and Alink as a term project for an x86 Assembly course. I plan to add features to it as my free time provides.
Thief in the Night by DavidNeal
     Use your wall running, wall jumping, and stealth walking skills to avoid detection while collecting all of the hidden items in the mansion before the timer countdown reaches zero. Guards will shoot you if they detect you. If they hit you three times, you will loose time!
Trailers and Voice Over by trailervoice
     I can record your videogame trailer or voice acting voiceover right away - Email me for details: adambehr@earthlink.net or visit www.adambehr.com
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