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Game Development Showcase
Ascending Order by ildave1
     A simple puzzle where the objective is to adjust the tile locations in Ascending Order.
ASCII Tetris.NET by capn_midnight
     The classic game of Tetris, with a compromise for the console Window
Badgers and Monkeys by Patbert
     Noughts and crosses but with badgers and monkeys. Also includes RealBasic source code.
BlockStacker by Staffan E
     This is a tetris clone. Blocks fall from the top of the screen. When you complete horizontal lines you will be awarded points and after enough lines the blocks will fall faster to increase difficulty. The game ends when the stack of blocks reaches the top.
BloX v0.1b by Sep
     Blox is a freeware Tetris clone. It was created in educational purpose.
Casino Black Jack by Battagline
     A Flash Black Jack game I wrote for my Casino Games site.
ChemHex(Freeware) by TANSTAAFL
     An addictive chemistry themed puzzle game where you complete molecules to earn points. Try not to paint yourself into a corner!
DirectX Tic Tac Toe by Dave
     This is a simple DirectX9 Tic Tac To game. There is UML design included, texture manager, factory pattern example, input manager and an organised render loop. Any problems please PM m
Disk Drive by jman2050
     A prototype of a new puzzle game in development for Windows. Twist and turn and switch your way to high scores!
Dodecahellspawn - Work in Progress by SiCrane
     Dodecahellspawn is a simulation of a puzzle similar to the famous Rubik's Cube. However, instead of a cube, the game is played with a dodecahedron, with six axes of rotation, which makes gameplay approximately a million times harder than the cube. The "hellspawn" portion of the game is, in fact, a reference to the difficulty of the game. (And has nothing to do with the pentagrams that appear all over the place.)
Electromagnetic Adventures by HopeDagger
     Electromagnetic Adventures (EMA) is a short, coffee-break calibre game written in the space of 24 consecutive hours. It features nine levels of increasing difficulty, with fun, intuitive gameplay.
Enemy Sirtet by EnemyBoss
     Sirtet is Tetris spelled backwards, so guess what: This game is a Tetris clone. Tetris was invented in Russia, 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov. This game is implemented as an AWT based application, using buttons and custom lightweight components. Click here to play.
Falling Blocks by TyroWorks
     It's a game about groups of four blocks falling from the sky. Its your job to rotate them in order to create lines that will destroy them...
FallingSpheres by chronicle17
     This is a Tetris clone using spheres instead of squares.
Gemstars by Mak
     Gemstars is a small twist on the standard "Match 3" puzzlers. You rotate a disc of coloured gems and drop matching gems in to break groups. When you do, they fall and create a Gemstar. Clearing cascades earns greater rewards, and achievements!
  Hang Man by Xloner12
     V1.0 First Full version, this one has a few difficultys and is set to be a full version compared to my first submitting of hangman. Try out, I'll try to get some screen shots when i get time. My very first stand alone game. Writen In C++, Good Old Game of Hangman
Interlocken 2.0 - Deluxe by SDyer
     Learning to play Interlocken is simple. Just click on the colorful tiles, pushing them down. Flatten them all and you've solved the puzzle! Some have said this game is too hard. Can you solve it?

--> Please leave feedback on your impressions. Thanks!
Kentis (OLD) by kentcb
     THIS SUBMISSION IS OUT OF DATE. See http://kentb.blogspot.com/2008/12/kentis.html for the latest version.
Knight's Challenge by TANSTAAFL
     Move the knight by clicking the mouse on a highlighted board square. You win when you have moved to all of the squares.
MANDALA by jazzuo
     this game is a winner of Gamedev.net twoview competition and now it comes in finished version to youu.this is and combination of puzzle maze and platform game. you have to use yur brain and wtch everything carefully, use good slow thinking and fast reaction aswell, you need to be dextrous in movements aswell. You have to use up all your sences in maximum.
Obelisk Blocks by Blodyavenger
     Classic game of tetris placed into egyptian times, where obelisks were rising for their gods. Build your obelisk and be the best! It's the first game that I've released and finished.
Q-Bix by superlubo
     Q-Bix Game is based on the classic Tetris gameplay, though there are inovative features included that provide new and enchanced style of play. Erase your rows and assemble new Cubix Forms, utilize the 3 completely different bonuses to get your score as high as possible!
Quadris by PumpkinPieman
     A Tetris clone with piece trailing and interchangable themes.
rBlocks by Rob Loach
     A remake of the all-time classic Tetris game. The first of its kind on the new GDNet Showcase. This version includes great graphics and progressively difficult levels. There was an online highscore list, but sadly I had to take it off my server. Enjoy!
  Robot University v 1.13 by puz
     A simple-rule block-fitting puzzle that awakens untapped powers of your right brain and discovers the visual genius in you.
RuneStone by chadmeyers
     Falling block puzzle game. Make connections and remove key blocks. Do combos for added points. Earn bomb blocks to blow up your mistakes and help free up the key blocks for another try.
Simpsons Quick Click by Verg
     Ever wanted to blast the hell out of "The Simpsons" cartoon characters? Well, we do too. But this game isn't like that. Test your Simpsons knowledge and dexterity!
Sudoku Solver (OSX) by Patbert
     About: Solves most sudokus in less than a second and features open and save, copy and paste, three different themes, and 36 premade sudokus (from easy to evil). Includes source.
Sudoku Solver (Windows) by Patbert
     Solves most sudokus in less than a second and features open and save, copy and paste, three different themes, and 36 premade sudokus (from easy to evil). Includes source.
Tetris Clone by Lab-Rat
     It seems that everyone does a Tetris (or Pacman, or Asteroids, or Snake) clone when they start out as a learning exercise, and I am no exception. There’s no exploding blocks, or ice world, or super power ups this is just a back-to-basics falling-block tidying-up game.
TetriX by LamerGamer
     It's Tetris! Well... TetriX: the classic game loved by many. This is my first completed game ever. Please let me know what you think of it. Be nice though :)
Tetrixed by PennstateLion
     This is your standard Tetris clone. This was my first graphics based game after learning C++.
The Adventures of Bobo by Kuro
     The Adventures of Bobo is an addictive puzzle game with nearly 50 challenging levels. You play as Bobo, a little blue guy who has set out to find the legendary sword to protect his village from the dark wizard. Based on the classic NES game, "Adventures of Lolo".
Tic Tac Toe by TyroWorks
     It's you versus the computer in an action packed game of Tic Tac Toe...
  Trick Tac Toe by jasong
     This is my first program that Ive made. It was simply a way to put into practice some of the things Ive learned. Its a much more confusing version of Tic Tac Toe.
Video Poker - Jacks or Better by Battagline
     Online Video Poker game written in Flash. Can be played via download or on the Casino Games & Slots web site.
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