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Game Development Showcase
ASCII Fishtank by capn_midnight
     It's a fishtank! Made with letters!
Casino Critters - Video Poker by Battagline
     More work on my vector art skills. Like my last video poker game, but with an animal theme, and better overall art work. Also available online: Casino Game
Colony by coldacid
     A poor attempt at a sci-fi SimCity clone made back in my QuickBasic days.
Goddess by Eddie Hicks
     This project contains one scene and one stand alone object
Guess the Vomit by Patbert
     Guess where the vomit lands.
Pangea - The Beginning by jochenstier
     This is a prototype of a space game under development by Geist Software Labs. The demo consists of a very large environment containing two procedural planets as well as few avatars, vehicles, a shuttle, a space station and star gates. The graphics engine supports seamless transition between any two points in the environment and you can use different objects to fly, walk or drive around.
Particle System Editor by Evil Steve
     A simple particle system editor which can import/export .ini files to load/save settings. Designed to drop into any game. Source Code availiable here
StarGen v1.5 by capn_midnight
     Generates pseudo random starfields. Source code included.
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