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Game Development Showcase
2D PacMan Clone by Prog101
     yet another 2D PacMan game, but what fun. 4 levels of true fun with each lvel the ghosts get smarter and quicker
3D pacman clone "Updated with mini map" by Prog101
     Navigate your way through the maze of ghost eating all of the pills to top up your score to make the hi score list, choose either top down 1st or 3rd person views
Alien Abduction! by coldacid
     The CN Tower is really a spaceship and launching spire, and it is your job to use it to abduct aliens from other worlds and bring them back to Canada for secret Arctic research projects!
Alien Territory by superpig
     Grab crystals and avoid the nasties in this (rather old) clone of an (even older) classic arcade game.
Alien Xenocide by snard6
     Built for the lazy gamer… in a small window so as to be easy to start or stop on a whim. A space invaders type style with upgrades such as spread, homing, and wave, give the game an interesting replay value. Can you beat the game, probably, but once the difficulty increases can you do it again?
Angry Boulders by HandCraftedRadio
     Help the red spazoid avoid the bugs by crushing them with the three sets of boulders, but be careful not to crush yourself.
Asteroid ES v.0.80.01 by Battagline
     Asteroid ES is an Asteroid Clone I made using the Epoch Star Engine to test the flexability and stability of the Epoch Star Engine. Upgraded with weapon powerups, enemy ship flyby attacks, and joystick controls.
Bodo the Robot V0.1b by meix
     My first attempt in writing a side scroller. Get Bodo the Robot safely the the exit of the level. Please tell me what you think!
Breakout Returns by ildave1
     Originally released in 1976, Breakout quickly became a great Arcade game of its time. Here, I wanted to bring back that same flavor, with a twist. Breakout Returns offers a unique Breakout experience, while staying true to the concept originally designed so long ago.
Breakoutz by Stompy9999
     I coded this awhile ago using Allegro and C. This is probably my favorite of the games I have made. Shows how much I have to learn (:
Casino Roulette by Battagline
     Roulett game written in Flash. Available to play online at Casino Games & Slots
Cloudburst by FenrirWolf
     Cloudburst is a 2D side scrolling shooter with awesome graphics and unique gameplay.
Coin by Namatsu
     A very simple one button game for the 1W1B2 contest.
Cong by robpers2003
     Yet another remake of Pong. This is my first game that I have made. I based this off of a game engine I created which seems to be working pretty well. Keeps track of score too. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
D2 by ols
     OK, this is my first forage into programming a game. Its, in theory(!), a mix between Micro Machines (physics-wise) and Chase HQ (in that you have to chase the 'baddie'!). Play it, enjoy it, criticise it; its not quite finished, but wanted opinions... Oh, chase the BLUE car! It's currently refusing to tell people when they win, but I am working on this!!
Druink Bomber by Evil Steve
     Another Bomberman clone. A few minor diferences between this and the original Bomberman though. First, you can walk over bombs that have been dropped, secondly, if a bomb detonates near to another bomb, it'll set up a chain reaction of bombs. Lastly, explosions can travel through walls
Enemy Asteroids by EnemyBoss
     Atari's Asteroids was the most popular arcade game in the 80's, before pac-man fever hit the world. Clear the asteroid field by destroying all asteroids with your missiles. Some asteroids will break into fragments. Piloting the ship is challenging, as you will need to strategically use thrusters and steering capabilty, while anticipating inertia in space. Click here to play.
Enemy Breakout by EnemyBoss
     Enemy Breakout is a very simple clone of Atari 2600's Super Breakout. The objective is simple, score as many points as you can by breaking coloured bricks before all your lives run out. Destory all bricks to advance to the next level. Each time you clear a level, you gain an extra life. Click here to play.
Enemy Invaders by EnemyBoss
     Enemy Invaders is a clone of the first Arcade hit, Space Invaders '78. This game uses many more moving sprites than breakout, these include the alien invaders, the bombs, the bullets, the occasional UFO, and of course, the gunship itself. Click here to play.
Enemy Pong by EnemyBoss
     Atari's Pong was the first game to use a video display, hence its the first videogame. Included in this package is a pong clone for windows, and Java. Source code, and all other files are included too. To play, click here.
Explosive BreakOut by a_insomniac
     It's Breakout, what else can be said. Although, a video is worth a thousand words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89wmC08a7q0
Galaxy Gladiator by Downer
     Ok, time to go shoot some roids, oh crap wait those arn't roids they are ships, well then this is gonna be more fun then.
Galaxy Gladiator 3D by Downer
     The 3D version of Galaxy Gladiator. Uses a vector based movement system allowing for slides, this is to give the player an edge over the otherwise pain in the arseish AI. Uses a SkySphere rather then Box so you cant see the edges. Also the HUD is a dynamically generated grid formed around the ship the Camera is chasing. Custome created particle systems, altho simple.
Graphical DOS Pong! by Crypter
     Use your mouse and try to fend from the atom escaping the reactor into the human world. You are the last of the heroic bloodline. ...Its a new Pong!
Gundown by HopeDagger
     Gundown an oldschool arcade game at heart, where you must obliterate every soldier, ship, motorcycle or pixel that moves by controlling your artillery contraption. Use upgrades between rounds to beef up your firepower. Addictive!
Hiatus by Mushu
J Man (pacman clone) by foursticksj
     Its just like pacman, with a few twists. This is my second completed game using directx (first was tic tac toe). Its pretty easy to outsmart the ghosts, but there are 5, so dont get yourself trapped!
MacMan II by Scet
     It's everyone's favourite game...Pac-Man!, but in 3D and with a different name.
Nibbles by fortia
     You "are" a snake. The goal is to catch as many apples as possible while not bumping into a wall or bite yourself in the tail.
One Player Pong by 3dmodelerguy
     This is just my first "complete" OpenGL app. if you have any cemment or ideas i could add beside 2 player plus give them.
Orc by Aardvajk
     Classic avoid-em-up action and the destruction of cardboard boxes in this retro platformer. Can you defeat Level Four?
Otostaz by Lab-Rat
     George the alien is misunderstood. Everyone thinks he is out to destroy our cities. But he is simply trying to make pretty cities for people to live in. Help George by placing trees, water and soil onto the landscape, creating pleasant surroundings for people to construct their buildings. Can you encourage them to build all the way to skyscrapers? Try in this adictive arcade puzzler.
PAC38 V1.3 by meix
     My very own Pac-Man clone, somewhat of a remake of the Odyssey²-game 'Munchkin'. Please tell me what you think!
Phill the Hungry Sheep by diablo_tk
     You star as Phill you happens to be a very hungry sheep. As he was having one of his daily strolls he came across a crab farm and decided he would like to eat some tasty crabs.
Pirate Burninator! by DukeAtreides076
     Burnination! The pirates must be burned with your burninating power.
Pong and 1 Paragraph of History by Samith
     PONG! YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS! Comes with up to five whole minutes of genuine entertainment! Play with a friend or by yourself!
Pong! by Evil Steve
     What needs to be said - It's pong!
Pong-Man by Degra
     The fusion of two classic games to create a new, addictive arcade title. Move Pac-Man around the arena to collect the yellow stars while avoiding the evil steel balls!
Ponged by PennstateLion
     Basic 1 and 2 player pong game with AI, let me know any suggestions or comments! no nice graphics like my Tetrixed game, friend couldnt help
Psycho Boy 3D (beta) by Patbert
     Similar to Paper Boy for the Amiga except instead of throwing papers you throw bricks in full 3D. Includes the old favourites (dogs, cars, unexplained ramps) plus some new obstacles (nuclear power plants, falling trees, bouncy castles, ice, snowmen etc).
Quad Bar - Online Scored, 3D Arcade Game by DrSizzla
     Challenge yourself to some mouse co-ordinated, ball bouncing, score rising, arcade fun.
Retro Asteroids by Jesse_P
     another remake of Atari Asteroids.
Sloplifter (Win32) by Ravuya
     Entertaining one-button game featuring a flying pig in some demented pseudo-Soviet land, collecting apples and beating down the facist frying pans.
Sloplifter OSX by Ravuya
     Entertaining one-button game featuring a flying pig in some demented pseudo-Soviet land, collecting apples and beating down the facist frying pans.
     Control the snake with the arrow keys to eat the pellets! As more pellets are eaten, the snake grows! If the snake hits itself or a wall, it's game over!
Snake.Net by Scet
     A Snake clone done using C# and MDX. I tried to make it interesting by allowing the user to change the snake's colour, speed and growth. Also included are three maps and four tile sets.
Space Alien Invaders by Battagline
     Space Invaders like arcade style space shooter done in Flash. Similar to Alien Invaders Attack.
space invaders! by Jesse_P
     2 versions of my SPACE INVADERS remake: one with the semy-original space invaders graphics and one with galaga graphics.
SpaceBallz by xtBones
     Welcome to SpaceBallz! Take control of your very own starfighter and shoot wave upon wave of incoming Spaceballz to help defend planet earth. But be careful, enemy spaceships are on the loose!!!
Super Breaker - a breakout clone by PennstateLion
     This is a basic breakout clone that is still in beta version. I am looking for some feedback so I can improve it.
Swing the Cat by Patbert
     You (the cat) must collect the fish, avoid the mines and squish the dogs through 7 levels while being swung by a knight.
Uber Maze Escape!!111oen1!!!!1 by The Forgotten Mindset
     Beat Neil Diamond's high score and race to the finish as fast as you can! But be aware of the super sneaky winding paths that lie ahead!
ubersnail by sprite_hound
     My first ever game. Based vaguely on the Acorn game Supersnail. Definitely a work in progress (only, not so much of the "progress" any more).
Veteran Yard Wars v0.9.8 by deurrific
     You play the grandson of an old war veteran who has serious problems with his neighbour. The evil neighbour keeps firing bombs to your grandfather's beautiful yard. You have to collect some bombs, so they can be used to blow up the wall that keeps the neighbour safe from a can o` whoop @$$!! Make sure that neither the yard nor grandfather will be hit by the bombs!!
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