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Ad Astra
Developer   chapmast

About: Ad Astra is an open-ended Space Exploration game inspired by games such as Elite or Privateer. Features : 110,000+ Real Stars - Fractal Planets - Procedural Flora and Fauna - Lots of Weapons - Lots of Spacecraft

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Ad Astra is an open-ended Space Exploration game inspired by games such as Elite or Privateer.

As is tradition with these sort of games the player starts with a rubbish ship and some cash ( about £10,000). The Ship can be upgraded by docking at Space Stations or Landing at a city. Extra money can be earned through trade, bounty hunting or crime.

The game includes a comprehensive manual which describes the controls, music installation and playing tips.

To install simply unzip into the desired location on your PC's hard drive. The application can be executed by double clicking the AdAstra application file.

To Add music simply place 'midi' files into the 'midi' directory and enter the Music Config screen. Refer to Manual for a full description.

More information can be found at www.a-astra.com

ENHANCEMENTS ( Version 1.3c)
Updated German translation courtesy of Mathias Merboth

Update to DirectX9 Version which should now fix the outstanding Windows7 64bit incompatibility issues that some users have been experiencing. I would like to thank Mathias Merboth and Wallace McGee for helping me test this version of the game.

Fixed disabled Joystick which was a bug introduced in Version 1.3b.
Fixed Salvage release for 3rd party spacecraft.

Partially compatible with previous revisions - the 'Jump' button should be used instead of the 'Load' option.

Some users have reported an issue concerning missing menu components particularly with respect to Nvidia Graphics Cards. It has been determined that the underlying cause of this problem is that Antialiasing has been enabled in the Graphics Cards control panel. This option should be set to 'Application Controlled' or 'Disabled'.

It has been reported that Ad Astra does not execute correctly under the Windows7 64Bit operating System. It is suspected that the cause of the problem is that the game utilises DirectX7 rather than a later version. Consequently DirectX9 versions of the game have been provided that may fix this fault.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
AMD 1900+ Processor or Intel equivalent
ATI 9600 64M Graphics Card or Similar
256M RAM
DirectX 7

For more info refer to Appendix D of Manual or www.a-astra.com/Demo.htm


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