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Morning's Wrath DEMO
Developer   EDI

About: Morning's Wrath is a Classic Adventure / RPG fusion. It combines rich story and puzzles with intense melee and spell-casting combat. Assume the role of Princess Morning of the Leowyn Kingdom and guide her on a quest to master the ways of magic and save her kingdom from invasion.

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1.3 patch(requires installed demo)

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Morning's Wrath is a fusion of the Classic Adventure genre (e.g. Kings Quest / Monkey Island) and the Action RPG genre (e.g. Diablo / Baldur’s Gate). Control of Morning is through the mouse; with left click being used for taking and dropping items, interacting with the environment (e.g. people, doors, etc.) and engaging in combat with enemies; and right click for using / examining items and casting spells.

The game play in Morning’s Wrath consists of, Solving Puzzles, Battling Enemies, Increasing Attributes and Building Spells. The game takes place in two distinct locales; The Castle Iridine, and The Lost Region.

You assume the role of Princess Morning of the Leowyn Kingdom. During the decennial celebration of victory in the Great War, The Castle Iridine falls under attack from an army of cruel warriors known as The Ashidians. The King and Queen have not returned from their travels west and it is feared they are dead. Haliphen, the great wizard falls in battle during the Ashidian invasion. Haliphen charges Morning with a quest to re-discover the ways of magic and purify the mana well-spring that her people forsook long ago. To complete her quest Morning must collect many ancient artifacts that can be used to purify the well. The artifact lie hidden in The Castle Iridine, and even below in The Lost Region, where no one has trod for centuries. If she is successful in her quest, she will gain the power of her ancestors and be able to rid the castle of the invaders; but will she too fall into darkness like those before her?

System Requirements

Windows® 98/2000/XP * 950 MHz processor * 128 MB RAM
200 MB virtual memory * 4x CD-ROM * 300 MB free hard disk space
64 MB DirectX® 8.0 compatible video card
DirectX® compatible sound card


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