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MacMan II
Developer   Scet

About: It's everyone's favourite game...Pac-Man!, but in 3D and with a different name.

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This is the only 3D game I've managed to make. It's pretty much a standard Pac-Man clone. Travel around and eat all the crystals without begin hit by the ghosts. Certain coloured crystals produce special effects(see the in-game help for more).

There's some input lag for the menus and score input, but it won't affect game play. On the score entry screen it once froze, but I've been unable to reproduce the error.

If you find the game too slow/fast or too easy/hard edit the settings in the level select menu.

Sorry about the crappy sound/music and it being fullscreen.


System Requirements

Ran at about 30FPS on this system:
Celeron 700Mhz
8MB Video card
DirectX 8.1
Should run just fine on any modern PC.


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