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Developer   Lab-Rat

About: George the alien is misunderstood. Everyone thinks he is out to destroy our cities. But he is simply trying to make pretty cities for people to live in. Help George by placing trees, water and soil onto the landscape, creating pleasant surroundings for people to construct their buildings. Can you encourage them to build all the way to skyscrapers? Try in this adictive arcade puzzler.

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The aim of Otostaz is to construct buildings; fulfilling a specific requirement for Puzzle mode and building the biggest possible to earn most points for Arcade mode. Placing trees, water and soil onto the landscape creates the buildings. George holds the next item to be placed, also a preview of the next few items. Direct his aim with the cursor keys or the mouse. Place the item George is holding with the Space bar or the mouse button. A red shack is built on soil adjacent to a tree and water. An orange bungalow is built on soil adjacent to two red shacks. Two orange bungalows allow a yellow house to be built. Multiple buildings can be used to skip steps in the sequence for example a green town house is built on soil adjacent to two yellow houses, three orange bungalows or four red shacks. Can you build all the way to the blue sky scraper? Watch out where you’re placing items because you could cause an explosion and destroy some of your city. But perhaps you can turn this to your advantage?

Otostaz is based on a quirky Japanese game of the same name produced by Sony for the PS2. As such I guess it should be labelled an Otostaz clone, but as I’ve not played the original nor even seen it running – my version is inspired from the games review in Edge magazine – its hard to say how close a version this is. Equally it could use its own slightly modified version of the name to avoid unwanted attention, but Otostaz is the name it’s had all through development and it has stuck now. Besides which I like the way it sounds. You can check out the original’s website if you like, but beware its mostly in Japanese.

System Requirements

DirectX 8
5 MB free hard disk space


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