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Tic Tac Toe
Developer   Emmanuel Deloget

About: Once upon a time, tic was fighting tac on a toe. As they were the Great Wirms, they fought during eight hundred years all over the world. Tic finally won when he used his dragon fire to spot three aligned big circles on tac's skin. To celebrate this, I created this small game. Really. yes.

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Yes, it is another tic tac toe. It has nothing special. It has been created for the newgameproject.net tic tac toe contest, but since the contest is over I decided to post it here.

I named it Tic Tac Toe. Yes. I admit I have little imagination when it comes to giving names to widely known games. I could have called it "the adventuryfaboulouspecialmega tic tac toe XI" but I believe this was not a very good name.

I used opengl to create the game - it was compiled on vs.net but I also created a devcpp version - in order to be able to work at home :). I use C++ as the programming language. The game source code is available on request (open source, zlib/png-like license).

There is at least two small bug: first, since I'm not a gl guru, I overused some simple functions (such as glColor()). I was not able to achieve the effects I wanted to do (basically: I want a transparent white cross for the mouse) but I left the bad gl code in place. I may correct this later. Second, there is a small bug in the keyboard processing in the "enter new highscore" game state. You can "backspace" to erase characters. This is where the bug lies. Nothing terrible, but it is disturbing to see a character you though you have just erased :)

Have fun,

Emmanuel D.

System Requirements

Rather minimal windows system. It uses vanilla opengl so it should be a problem on most machine out there - assuming you have at least a hw rasterizer and an opengl driver. It has been tested on a gffx 5600, on a i915G and on a bunch of other adapters as well. I also tested these software drivers: 1) mesagl 3.1: slow as hell, even on a powerfull PC. Problem with the transparency (maybe another bug in my app). 2) sgi opengl: faster than mesa but there are bigger display problems (the background texture seems to be too big). Problems with transparency. 3) ms opengl: hell will freeze before you'll see anything moving. But the display seems to be correct. 4) mesagl 6.2.1: everything works but it is a bit slow...
Let me know if you encounter any rendering speed or display problem.
You can find mesagl 6.2.1 in the download section of the milkshape 3d site


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