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PAC38 V1.3
Developer   meix

About: My very own Pac-Man clone, somewhat of a remake of the Odyssey²-game 'Munchkin'. Please tell me what you think!

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When the earth was young and dinosaurs walked the earth, about 1978, the dutch consumer electronics company PHILIPS launched the video game system Philips G7000 (Odyssey² in the U.S.).

This 13 year old was thrilled by the fact that the games weren't built into the console itself but into modules ('videopacs'), which could be exchanged at will. The system had whopping 144x96 pixels and even colour!

My all time favourite videopac is still number 38, Munchkin', which was about a little furry guy who had to gobble up cookies while evading evil ghosts. It was a total rip-off of Atari's Pac-Man of course, but nobody really cared (except for Atari perhaps).

PAC38 is somewhat of an hommage to the little furry guy and to the golden times when an 8KB-module meant expanded memory.

Any comment is appreciated.

Hope you have fun!


Version 1.2:
Changed the screen resolution to 640x480 because the Windows Vista driver of my NVIDIA 7900 couldn't handle 320x240. That's progress! :-)


Version 1.3.
The red ghost got smarter: it now follows the player with a best first pathfinding strategy I learnt at Game Institute. So beware of the red one!
The game is now also much faster at first level.

System Requirements

Any Windows PC (yes, including Vista...)


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