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Galaxy Gladiator 3D
Developer   Downer

About: The 3D version of Galaxy Gladiator. Uses a vector based movement system allowing for slides, this is to give the player an edge over the otherwise pain in the arseish AI. Uses a SkySphere rather then Box so you cant see the edges. Also the HUD is a dynamically generated grid formed around the ship the Camera is chasing. Custome created particle systems, altho simple.

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Gauntlet mode : Player earns points for each kill he recieves. Enemies come in waves of increasing size, ever 5th wave. After all player lives are exaushted an accuracy score is added into the total. AI in Gauntlet Mode starts with a response time of 0.44 seconds and improves each wave by 0.04 seconds until an addition ship is added where it gets reset back to the 0.44 seconds.

Demo mode : 20 ships are created 10 red, and 10 blue. These ships engage in combat until the user exits the mode. All ships are controled by the AI and the AI in Demo Mode has a response time of 0.04 seconds. A humans is roughly 0.24 seconds.

Particle Systems :
Explosions : 500 particles per explosion
Bullets : 20 particles per shot fired
Radar : 1 particle per ship
~Shield : 10 particles per particle impact
~Engine Trail : ??? Need ideas for this one, soon to the forum

* Latest Fixes *:
** Overhauled the displaying system to improve efficiency, it
* should run considerably fast, I hope. Another such improvement
* is on the works for the particle system that I hope will show
* drastic improvement in FPS.
** Fixed the Continual lost of lives upon complete death bug.
** Added in "Aiming Sticks" a temporary fix for the targeting
* troubles. Will leave like this until I make a more visually
* appealying targeting system.
** Fixed the crash in single play on player
* death, this was caused by the way the new death system I wrote
* handled ships being destroyed.
** Changed demo mode to use the Recycling system I had been
* planing on implementing, well now it does so it doesnt
* constantly destroy and create new instances of the ship class
* instead upon "death" it is "Restarted"
** Add a Tab feature to Demo Mode, pressing tab cycles which
* ship the camera follows

~ Coming Attractions ~:
~~ FLS ( Fuzzy Logic System ) implementation in the AI, initialy
~ will just be for targetting, I.E. Select closest most hurt
~ ship first.
~~ Also going to give the AI the ability to choose to change
~ targets before killing the selected target, currently AI
~ randomly selects a target from viable enemy ships and then
~ goes at it untill it is destroyed, wash and repeat ...
~~ Tageting system, rather then have the numbers of all enemy
~ ships in gauntlet mode displayed just below play Stats HUD
~ going to work out a targeting system to show target Stats in
~ HUD like players, only targeted ships status will be known.
~ Also with this feature the pressing "M" to have the AI take
~ control of your ship until you start playing again will have
~ the AI go after your selected target rather then a random
~ one, and this will compound with the FL to allow it to change
~ targets mid fight, will also aid in Aiming, replacing the
~ "Aiming sticks"
~~ Might add engine trails and Missles too, and change the
~ shields to a particle system these are on the bottom of the
~ list followed by changing to full 3D movement

Special Thanks:
** Special thanks go to Mr Awsome for reporting the Loss of
* lives bug && for giving me the extra incentive for making
* even a temporary targeting system, a better system is on its * way
** Special thanks to all commentors for thier feed back Im gald
* the games is being so well recived.
I look forward to reading your comments

System Requirements

Windows XP
1.0 GHZ +
32 MB 3D Vid Card


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