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Developer   JTippetts

About: OpenGL-based asteroids rip-off. Shoot big, floating rocks and collect weapon powerups (Blaster for rapid-fire, Megaton for insta-destruction of rocks), Invincibility (short-duration), Shield (to restore energy to shields) and Point powerups to aid in your quest to eliminate all asteroids from the sector. Which can't really happen, because as far as I can tell there seems to be an unlimited supply.

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This game really isn't that complicated, and can not really be considered 'finished'. I made it in a few hours after watching a Mitsubishi commercial on television one day, that featured the original Asteroids. It features pre-rendered bitmap graphics and particle systems for weapon blasts and the jet contrail. Player begins with 3 lives and each life begins with full shields. Asteroid impacts reduce shield power until the shield disintegrates, leaving the asteroid murderer (the player) unprotected against the rage of mindlessly tumbling space boulders.

Weaponry can be upgraded to the Blaster, which fires a rapid-fire stream of blazing red photon bursts, or to the Megton, which fires a much slower stream of large blue photon bursts capable of destroying even the largest asteroids in a single blast. Occasional Shield upgrades will appear, allowing the mighty executioner of innocent planetoids to restore power to his shields. Point powerups can be collected to increase your total score, and Invincibility upgrades can grant a short-term duration of complete invulnerability to impacts, destroying the impacting object upon contact.

Initially sort of fun, this game quickly becomes quite mind-numbingly boring. I may hack on it some more at some future time, to add aliens, warp-holes, additional upgrades, etc... Then again, given my track record for completing projects, I probably won't.

System Requirements

Windows, OpenGL


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