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Disk Drive
Developer   jman2050

About: A prototype of a new puzzle game in development for Windows. Twist and turn and switch your way to high scores!

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This is a very early prototype of Disk Drive, in development using the Allegro game Library. This build is merely to demonstrate the core gameplay, and thus is incomplete. Addition of a game timer, variable speeds, and listing of high scores will be added as soon as the core gameplay is tweaked and developed to my liking. As of now you can play the game indefinitely, though that won't always be the case.

Combo system works as follows: When you destroy lines of orbs, you receive a score, which is added to your overall score and which also becomes your combo score. Between matches, this combo score will decrease rapidly. Match again, and you'll receive the base score+combo score, which becomes your new combo score and which is added to your overall score. The speed of decrease and other variables will be edited as the game is developed.

This build was developed in a single day to demonstrate and test the gameplay I had designed on paper. Have fun, and I apprciate any input you have to give on the project.

Prototype V2 adds a timer, difficulty levels, and a button to spawn orbs instantly. Not perfectly balanced yet, but it suffices for demonstration purposes.

NOTE - If the application won't run, install the supplied VC Runtime Redistributable Package. If that doesn't work, then report it here.

System Requirements

Direct X 7


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