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The Lost Realm of Anoria
Developer   Anorian

About: This is a tech preview of The Lost Realm of Anoria, an MMO project designed to create heavily story driven gameplay within a classic fantasy world setting. Anoria has a deep and detailed back story and we want to make the player experience the game as one long adventure within the framework of a meaningful story.

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Please note that the download available here is just the launcher/patcher executable! Install into a directory of your choice and run the patch process which will download the complete client. Installing the client in this fashion will take about 20 minutes on a good DSL6000. Alternatively get the full client installer package from http://anoria.org. This will actually be the quicker alternative since the NSIS installer used provides significantly better compression compared to the launcher.

The current tech preview of the Lost Realm of Anoria MMO is largely a feasibility study at this point. The target at this stage is to evaluate whether it will be possible to implement our ambitious set of goals with a comparably small team and funding, hopefully producing a game that others will enjoy as much as we do.

With the amazing BigWorld middleware becoming available to smaller teams without significant funding in the background this summer, we have finaly been given a set of tools able to create our dream game with excellent technical quality without having to spend a man decade (or more) on developing the engine(s).

So, for now this is cleary not even close to an actual game (development time so far has been just over 2 months with the BigWorld system) but rather a Demo to allow a few small peeks at where we're headed. Please dont download the 235Mb client package if you expect a playable game.

System Requirements

Average Wintel computer running Windows 7, Windows Vista of Windows XP (in order to use the client launcher/patcher Windows XP SP3 or alternatively a manual install of Microsoft's .NET framework 3.5 or higher is required).


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